Jowy (jowy10) wrote in _suiko_rating_,

Going with the silver flow~

-About You-
Name/Nickname? Camilla / JOWAH
Gender? Female
Age? 22
Favorite color? Red
Hobbies/talents? Drawing/Webdesign/Playing Flute/Sing/ ather things xD;
What are your strengths? Stubborn
What are your weaknesses? Always tired z_z
Logical or Intuitive? Logical
Leader or Follower? Leader
Pessimistic or Optimistic? Optimistic
Fun or Business? Both
What are some things you love? Hanging with friends, FOOD, doing nothing XD; aka sleep
What are some things you hate? Selfish people, racism, pedo. TUNA FISH!

Favorite Suikoden Game? Suikoden V.....and III
Favorite Suikoden Character? Nash ^^
Which Suikoden character would you like to enjoy a nice lunch with? Why? I would like to go out with Nash yea, i bet he would be a nice cook XD
If you lived in the Suikoden world~ Which town would be your hometown? Vinay del Zexay or Sol-Falena

It's over! Really!
And which character do you think you'll be stamped as? I think Caesar, really...
Where did you hear about us? Blame my friend Jibrille
Are you happy there was finally a Suikoden Stamping Community made? YEAH!

Now post at least (3) clear photos of yourself. If you really don't want to post any, or don't have any, describe yourself the best you can. ^_^
Uh, actually i don't have any, except for one while i was cosplaying. I have reddish wild short hair (and a low ponytail you can notice only if check me behind), i'm 172cm tall, green/blue yes, neither fat or think, i think i'm ok xD
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