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"Going with the silver flow~"

-About You-
Name/Nickname? Samantha. Nickname:Demon spawn,sam.
Gender? Female! ^ ^
Age? 18
Favorite color? purple
Hobbies/talents?Drawing,singing,sleeping,eating,writting fanfics
What are your strengths? caring,loving,I stick up for friends.
What are your weaknesses? annoying,don't like being alone/disliked.
Logical or Intuitive? intitive
Leader or Follower?Leader.It's an leo thing
Pessimistic or Optimistic? Both.
Fun or Business?Fun!
What are some things you love? Candy,japanese things,fun/nice people.
What are some things you hate? mean people,death,cancer, and killing...

Favorite Suikoden Game? Number Three
Favorite Suikoden Character? Chris
Which Suikoden character would you like to enjoy a nice lunch with? Why? probably Chris and her knights! LOL
If you lived in the Suikoden world~ Which town would be your hometown? Probably the Brass castle. even though it seems boreding..

It's over! Really!
And which character do you think you'll be stamped as? I have no idea..
Where did you hear about us? From anoher stamping place.
Are you happy there was finally a Suikoden Stamping Community made? ^ ^ yup!!

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