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Suggest Bands for Us to Listen to

And Listen to the Bands We Suggest

Suggest Bands For Us To Listen To
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This is the community for people who like to experiment with new kinds of music. Suggest the bands you've been listening to, love, and think others should hear. Take note of names you might look into yourself. It's fun for the whole family.

Post, describe bands, review albums, and name your favorite songs. Why do you like them? Who else might like them? How would you describe it to someone who'd never heard it?

..that kind of thing. Everyone of all musical tastes is welcome to join. The more the fucking merrier.

But there are rules...
1. No being a shithead.

You might consider thinking about what you're posting and whether or not the world already knows who 50 Cent and fucking Mariah Carey are. Please, don't bother with that.. If you do, I won't ban you or anything. The point is, no one cares about that kind of music.

That's it. Now join and suggest me a band.


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