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Здравствуйте, я - мегапопулярный блоггер vasilek_87. Мой блог - не просто сборка всяческого - это моя Жжизнь, обратная её сторона. Работаю звукорежиссёром на радио, и не только. Кстати, если среди читателей этой комунны есть музыканты - добро пожаловать.
Буду рад новым друзьям, интересным комментариям, собеседникам.
Пишу, наверное, впервые, дабы найти "свежую кровь".
**Дружелюбен, взаимен, активен.

I've fallen in love with this musician

Ben Fondren

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Musician from Birmingham, Alabama
Influences: John Lennon, Elliott Smith, Johnny Cash, Lou Barlow, Damien Rice, Sam Beam, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, and the Misfits.
Genre: Acoustic / Indie / Pop Punk

[Random Acoustic Songs]

For Anyone - http://download.yousendit.com/34CA7327673F54DF

Something You Wrote - http://download.yousendit.com/B71F364A2AB07258

Got It Wrong - http://download.yousendit.com/4D3C58F74CB2AC77


I hope you like it:)

NYC teenage bands

The Floor is Lava!(myspace.com/thefloorislavaband)
Tetsuwan Fireball (myspace.com/tetsuwanfireball)
Cool and Unusual Punishment(site can be found on either of previous band's top 8)

I'm the singer of The Floor is Lava!, so obviously there's some element of shameless self-advertising here. However, I've got the statistics to prove that these bands are liked by SOME people. Both Tetsuwan and my band have had shows at The Knitting Factory in NYC, which is a really big venue that only books quality underground bands. Cool and Unusual has played more shows than either band, and also has amazing music. Check out our myspaces, add us, and if you live in or near the city, come to the show in Brooklyn on the 17th next Saturday, show listed on TFL!'s myspace. Our live show is a lot better than our recordings(done in our drummers basement), but we'll be recording at a professional studio in March, so expect some amazing tracks then.

The Floor is Lava!

Check out Mostly Kings

Mostly Kings is a trio based out of the greater Boston area. The band combines rock with elements of blues, funk, and folk. We formed in early 2006, and completed a three song demo this fall. We have been constantly writing new material and are in the process of booking many shows. Lets bring some rock! Be our friend! E-mail us at: mostlykings@gmail.com

Click Here to check out our Myspace and let us know what you think!

Mostly Kings

BoDogs Round 2! Sunday!

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Bodog Million Dollar Battle of the Bands

Round 2 @ Triple Rock

Sunday Nov 5th

$10 in advance $15 @ the Door.

Help show your Love and support at this crazy event, and celebrate Justice's Birthday with Niobium!!!!!

Contact Niobium @ niobiummusic@gmail.com or www.myspace.com/niobium for tickets or any other info and questions!

Hosted By: Niobium
When: Sunday Nov 5th
5ish – 8ish PM
Where: Triple Rock
629 Cedar Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55404
If You haven't seen Niobium yet, then you don't really know what the Buz is all about.

Get an Idea and see the Craze in the Niobium Photo Albums!!!

Peace, Love and Light