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Subversive Houswife Community!! Feminist a Go-Go!
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So I decided to start a community for like minded girls such as i.

you don't have to be a wife, or even a mom for that matter. If you just feel like you can't relate to the shallowness around you, feel free to join! Boys/Girls/Grrls/Bois/Burls whatever!

Do you feel like you don't fit in with the Martha Steward/Trading Spaces Crowd?

Does your style reflect more Bettie Page and less June Cleaver?

Or maybe an odd mix of Both?

Are you frustrated with the shallow discussions of white bread, white picket fence, 2.5 children raising Nuclear family Mothers?

do ya just don't feel like you FIT IN???

then this is the community for you!

Let's talk politics, music, Fashion, SEX (or lack thereof),movies, size issues, art, redecorating, crafts. WHATEVER!

i'm sure i'll modify this intro more as i get more ideas, and anyone with HTML/web skills is free to help hehe!

I'm punkbanana and i'm your current Mod. I'll hopefully have a few people to back me up as this gets off the ground ;)

Feel free to post your rants about bad sex, stupid parenting you observe, annoyances, whatever!

*subject to changes*
BE NICE!!! give everyone a chance to explain themselves before you jump down their throat.
a lil' teasing isn't bad, just don't let it get ugly.

-posting pictures is great and definitely encouraged! if the pics are too big please use an LJ-cut for more than one. If you don't know how/forget i'll happily do it for ya (no big deal for those of us with DSL hehe)

-community promoting is awesome, just keep it to a reasonable amount (i.e. don't post 20 times a day..) more than once a day is not necessary

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