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Hi, I'm Dawn, 28 years old. Live in the burbs of chicago. I am a bit weird for a housewife. I am a HUGE gamer. I play 360. Rock the boys on Gears of War 2 lol I love to cook, hate to clean. My husband is a neat freak, ugh. So I find a balance enough not to be a slob. I raise my kids a bit different than most. My 8 year old just saw her first concert in January, Metallica! We are taking her to No Doubt/ Paramore in the summer. My potty mouth has cleaned up somewhat. My kids have learned to censor me lol I say clean up the shit you left on the table, and my daughter says, Mom said to clean up your poopy stuff off the table. Bad habit I know, but they know better. My polish catholic in-laws hate me. I have a mixed view on religion and my kids are not baptized. Nor do we attend any church. They lectured me about making him wash dishes in the begining of our marraige when I was still working full time. 0_o We are the oldest in their family and the black sheep. I have a very hard time fitting in with the moms from school. So I find most of my friends online. Not many here IRL. They are either back stabbers or too conervative to think I am worthy. Besides being the household cook, maid, disciplinarian, I am also the handyman. I changed a toilet once while my husband pretended to drop the kids off with mom for an hour. he probably would have been in the way anyway lol Soooo, thats enough rambling for now. See you all later!!  
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