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Hi ladies!
I have been lurking for awhile but I am now a "real live married lady" so I thought I'd be proper.
I'm 35 and have been married just over a week to my husband whom I met online. I'm a cradle robber, he's only 34.

How am I subversive?
I was raised Catholic and we were married Episcopal, although I have had some dabbling in various occult and polytheistic communities. I'm not sure where I'm headed next, spiritually. We bought a house and I am excited about having an "office/arts and crafts" room of my own to start up some sort of meditation practice in.
I'm keeping my name and we only hope to have children of the four-footed variety.
Right now we have one cavy and hope to get her a friend after we've moved. Perhaps one day a dog; we'll have to see. (His family had dogs growing up, we kept to goldfish and hamsters, I'm not used to free range pets in the house)
We both cook, clean and launder, take turns on different tasks, although I cook the fancier foods and am a little more on the fastidious side with cleaning for company. I guess upbringing can stick with you no matter how liberated you try to be. :) Today I am hoping to try my hand at the electric hedge trimmer in our new yard. Yard work and gardening are very grounding to me.
I am surprised I met someone whom I wanted to marry, even more surprised that I am so content to be officially "off the market". I have long wanted a place to be able to entertain and hostess, I'm excited about that, too. I want to be a good wife, but not a "wifey" if that makes any sense to all of you.
Hopefully a little poke will wake the community up some.

What is most subversive about your marriage? What surprises you as the LEAST subversive or alternative thing about your relationship?

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