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So, I've been thinking about the whole 9/11 Iraq war and everything lately. My husband is now a vet, and I have watched all those videos like the ones on YouTube saying that 9/11 is complete BS.

Have any of you watched those videos? The things they say, make complete sense and I just sit here thinking my goodness are people in our government morally capable of doing such things?

I use to believe in the whole war on terror and what-not, but now I'm completely shocked. I don't believe it anymore....

I believe in the soldiers, and it makes me so sad to see them on television out there, in the sand, hoping to come home in one piece.

The whole thought of it, makes me hope that my son will never enlist when he grows up.

I'm just disgusted. And I'm sure some people think how can she be so anti-government, anti-America, etc. I'm not anti-America or anti-government at all. I love this country completely. I love how women are free to do what they choose. They don't get married off at 13, or have to sell their body because men wish it. I'm just saying I'm disgusted at the mere theory that our government could be behind it all.
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