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Be strong!!!

I get so frustrated sometimes with how a lot of women allow themselves to become dependent on men. Even right now in the midst of such a "modern" society, there is an alarming amount of women stuck in abusive relationships taking crap from their husband or boyfriend, or settling for less than they deserve; not out of love, but because they've sacrificed their careers/education to accommodate that of their man. I myself am also guilty of this. I sacrificed a great paying job, my friends, my family. For what? A man? I'm from california, and I left everything to get married and live in colorado because I was young and stupid and my then fiance said he wanted to take care of me, of "us". He had a good stable job and connections in colorado. So of course "we" decided that I would leave everything. I stayed a lot longer than I should have because I became dependent on him. But now it's so obvious to me that women are strong resilient creatures and we don't need someone to "take care" of us. And we should instantly be suspicious of anyone that wants to "take care of us". And so it frustrates me to see women sacrifice their independence, their aspirations, their backbone, because i've been there. I have SO been there. I just feel like shaking them until they turn blue and telling them that anyone that truly cares for them will want them to be their own person. Anyone that truly cares for you wont want you to be their side-kick in life and instead of suppressing your inner strength, that person is going to encourage and support you. What i'm trying to say is, the women of today need to start being stronger, more ambitious and we need to start making the world realize that we WILL not settle. Because if WE settle... what kind of world are we giving our future daughters, grandaughters, nieces etc.?
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