Mommydearest (cailinautre) wrote in _subversivewife,


I am not a housewife. And I wonder am I subversive, but I have to say watching this community has been the best thing that I did all day. Its nice to see that there are normal, interesting human women out there. I have been scared of groups of women to be honest, I never felt like I was part of that group because I didnt feel like i was 'womanly enough'... whatever the hell that means. Women who can bake intimidate me. Who can sew, who can raise kids and do charity work and all lthat jazz. I respect and admire them hugely, but just not sure I could ever be that. Its something i could only ever aspire to be i think. Why?? not sure really... I think I'm afraid that when i get married I'll lose myself somewhere along the way. That if I have kids the independant person in me will run screaming from them. that im not good enough to do all those womanly things lol.

I'm 21, young enough i suppose to be thinking about all this stuff, but its been in my head ever since I've witnessed how other women do it all. Anyway, hurrah for your community :D you've just opened a door for me.
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