Lisa V (lisavnyc) wrote in _subversivewife,
Lisa V

Because every BBQ should have a Sissy Maid!

This weekend saw our first BBQ/soiree as a married couple. And, more significantly, our first entertaining done with the welcome assistance of impeccably trained service on hand. Normally we're delighted to have Sissy Stephanie join us as a guest - she's graced our Thanksgiving dinners for several years running - but this time we actually took up her kind offer to attend in a more official capacity.

At first I was a bit uncomfortable letting go of tasks. But soon I realized how delightful it it is to have an ever-replenished pitcher of sangria magically on hand - not to mention the ability to truly relax with our guests and make sure that everyone is happy and properly mingling.

So, many thanks to Sissy Stephanie for her service and our lovely, lovely guests for venturing forth on such a brutally downpoury day.
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