Jeanie (mamacherry) wrote in _subversivewife,

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Hi, I'm new to this community.

Remember after bathtime when you were little, how you'd wrap up in your towell and go dump yourself in front of the heater/fireplace to drip-dry? I loved that.

During some delightful pillow talk the other night, my lover pondered on the fact that nudity rules when you're an adult seem to be inverse to what they were when you were a child. His example was that as a child you're allowed to run around naked as much as you like, and the only thing to stop you was your parent's embarassment, but you always had to sleep in your pyjamas; As an adult, you most certainly can not run around naked as much as you please, but feel free to sleep skyclad every night if you want to!

I want to have a bath and then dry in front of the fire.....
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