Melissa (mikmelhan6) wrote in _subversivewife,

cross posted from my lj.

Mike is being a complete and total pain in my fucking ass and i want to scream at him.

So Mike has known for a week that he was getting layed off so for the last week all he has done is bitch about wanting to rearrange the living room. But we couldnt rearrange it because we have this really big corner computer desk and only one full corner it can go into. So we start looking for a desk actually start looking for a fucking desk. I look at every store in town and he sits at home and looks online and he doesnt like any of them! So I go go to Staples, I find a desk, I like it, Its on sale for 109$, I call him he says come home so he can look at it online and we'll see, I go home, I pull it up online, he sees it , he says he likes it, I say can I buy it?, he says yes.
ok so at this point a normal person would see this as a good sign hey he likes it he said to buy it kick ass right? WRONG!
I go, I buy it, I bring it home, First thing he says that he don't like the color. fine whatever he keeps putting it together.
We start to rearrange the living room and he doesnt want to move the tv cause then a cord will have to go along the wall-whatever. even though there are allready cords going there cause of the surround sound-whatever. so we move the whole living room around to my plans and put the new desk up and plug everything back in. Great right?-WRONG
he hates it, he hates the desk, he hatses the room, he hates everything!!!!
Mother fucker you could have said something before now.
He wants to put everything back the way it was!?!?!?
so if we are just gonna put everything back the way it was what was the fucking point of buying a new damn desk and if you didnt like the desk why did you tell me to buy it and why did you put it all together and why did you move the furniture around if you didnt like where it was going??????? huh? huh? WHY?????
He says-"cause you wouldn't stop and let it rest"
Me??? Me??? Hes the one that bitched for a fucking week about it
*curses uncontrollably*

I swear he is the most dificult son of a bitch alive!
oh yea and after we get it all rearranged he says he is gonna move it back today-whatever but he wants me to put all the cd's and paper and crap on the new desk just so he can take it off again the next day and put it back on the table where it was. why? cause he don't want it to sit on the table all night while he is asleep.
Does this make any fucking sense to anyone????

so I gave him a blow job so he would shut the fuck up and let the damn living room stay as is for 1 week.
I think he is just doing this to get a rise out of me.

I need moore medication
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