Hi, I'm Dawn, 28 years old. Live in the burbs of chicago. I am a bit weird for a housewife. I am a HUGE gamer. I play 360. Rock the boys on Gears of War 2 lol I love to cook, hate to clean. My husband is a neat freak, ugh. So I find a balance enough not to be a slob. I raise my kids a bit different than most. My 8 year old just saw her first concert in January, Metallica! We are taking her to No Doubt/ Paramore in the summer. My potty mouth has cleaned up somewhat. My kids have learned to censor me lol I say clean up the shit you left on the table, and my daughter says, Mom said to clean up your poopy stuff off the table. Bad habit I know, but they know better. My polish catholic in-laws hate me. I have a mixed view on religion and my kids are not baptized. Nor do we attend any church. They lectured me about making him wash dishes in the begining of our marraige when I was still working full time. 0_o We are the oldest in their family and the black sheep. I have a very hard time fitting in with the moms from school. So I find most of my friends online. Not many here IRL. They are either back stabbers or too conervative to think I am worthy. Besides being the household cook, maid, disciplinarian, I am also the handyman. I changed a toilet once while my husband pretended to drop the kids off with mom for an hour. he probably would have been in the way anyway lol Soooo, thats enough rambling for now. See you all later!!  

Theano's Day - everyone (male or female) invited to blog June 24 to celebrate a woman philosopher!

Everyone (of all genders) is invited to participate in Theano's Day, an event to celebrate and rediscover women's contributions to philosophy throughout the centuries.

Blurb from the Pledge Bank signup site, which you may find here:

"I will blog to spotlight a woman, living or dead, who has made an important contribution to philosophy but only if 100 other people will do the same."

Also there's a Facebook group for Theano's Day to discuss the project with other participants:

More information, from the website:

Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras' wife Theano was a scholar and intellectual in her own right. Along with helping him raise five children, she put together writings on mathematics, art, beauty, philosophy, and child raising. She is credited with developing the Golden Mean, a crucial idea in aesthetic theory.

By taking this pledge, you sign up to honor and celebrate important women such as Theano by promising to create a blog post on June 24th concerning a female philosopher. As with Ada Lovelace Day, spotlighting women's contributions to technology, the woman you select may be from any nation, culture, or time period, living or dead...and you may blog in any style or format, using any software in any language.

I selected Theano as a mascot as she represents a work/life balance, an apparently decent and loving wife and mother as well as a scholar and professional. Throughout history and on average women have worked very hard in the background keeping things going by raising children, cooking, maintaining households, helping to earn a living through day-jobs...all very respectable activities. And many have made contributions to philosophy or other fields which may have been overlooked because the women are primarily known for work they have done in their other roles. So Theano's Day celebrates the philosophical contributions of women and attempts to bring their ideas out in the open to help inform modern society.

Also - when we think of philosophers, I've found that most people keep going back to the same list of the greats...Kant, Hume, Plato, Aristotle, etc. Of course not to say there isn't great wisdom from the greats...but honestly right now the world is facing a whole set of problems. Right here in the U.S. we're at war with three different countries with no end in sight, we're going down in a global economic crisis, etc. So - maybe looking at new ideas from any source might help us stumble on some which may be useful. And encouraging people to look at female philosophers will bring out lesser-known people and lesser-known ideas.

You may define 'philosopher' as you choose - someone need not have specialized in the field to be discussed in a blog for Theano's Day. For example, a female novelist, businesswoman, teacher, politician, nun, homemaker may have created a philosophical outlook worth discussing that is apparent through the values that come out through her work in other fields.

Some women to start with if you need help thinking of someone: Hypatia of Alexandria (mathematician and scholar), St. Catherine (mystic and humanitarian), Sor Juana (Mexican nun and intellectual) and Florence Nightingale and Jane Austen, each of whom developed a worldview and philosophy through their writings on various subjects.

We encourage as many people as possible from around the world to participate this June 24th and will set up a system to link the blogs so you may read each other's blogs. Please also pass on the word about Theano's Day!


Hi ladies!
I have been lurking for awhile but I am now a "real live married lady" so I thought I'd be proper.
I'm 35 and have been married just over a week to my husband whom I met online. I'm a cradle robber, he's only 34.

How am I subversive?
I was raised Catholic and we were married Episcopal, although I have had some dabbling in various occult and polytheistic communities. I'm not sure where I'm headed next, spiritually. We bought a house and I am excited about having an "office/arts and crafts" room of my own to start up some sort of meditation practice in.
I'm keeping my name and we only hope to have children of the four-footed variety.
Right now we have one cavy and hope to get her a friend after we've moved. Perhaps one day a dog; we'll have to see. (His family had dogs growing up, we kept to goldfish and hamsters, I'm not used to free range pets in the house)
We both cook, clean and launder, take turns on different tasks, although I cook the fancier foods and am a little more on the fastidious side with cleaning for company. I guess upbringing can stick with you no matter how liberated you try to be. :) Today I am hoping to try my hand at the electric hedge trimmer in our new yard. Yard work and gardening are very grounding to me.
I am surprised I met someone whom I wanted to marry, even more surprised that I am so content to be officially "off the market". I have long wanted a place to be able to entertain and hostess, I'm excited about that, too. I want to be a good wife, but not a "wifey" if that makes any sense to all of you.
Hopefully a little poke will wake the community up some.

What is most subversive about your marriage? What surprises you as the LEAST subversive or alternative thing about your relationship?
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I'm Laura, a 38 year old mother to a 21 month old son, married for 8 years (wow, that's a lot of numbers to start out with!) I'm still pumping milk for my son, working part-time as a pharmacist, and my house looks like something out of Sanford and Son. I'm a partially reformed potty mouth with a healthy assortment of cats, rabbits, and dogs.
We have taken leave of our senses and are trying to adopt two more children in the next couple of years. In my spare time (ha!) I volunteer with a disaster medical assistance team and am a LJ and e-mail addict.
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I've just joined so I thought I'd better introduce myself. My name is Charlotte, I'm British and I live in Switzerland with my boyfriend and wee boy. I'm a stay at home Mum who until fairly recently was balancing full time work with full time motherhood. I've read about attachment parenting and realised that I was doing most of it any way. I spend my days now hanging out at the local sand pit, visiting the local farm (free range eggs and schnapps) and meeting with other ex-pat Mummies. Life here can be very isolating, so I'd love to meet like minded mums.
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hi, im jes, im 25, married, and have a 5yo daughter.
my husband is in the marine corps, and im a sahm.
i homeschool. we eat mostly organic.
i suppose i practice ap. though i havnt read up on it since andi's infancy, so i dont really have a label for my beliefs/practices.

we are agnostic. and i try to teach my daughter understanding and diversity.

we live in a really small area. where the afformentioned < understanding and diversity > are incredibly hard to come by.

i do somewhat freelance portraiture, along with arts and crafts, and babysit a friends child to contribute to our funds.

me and my daughter are in the icon.
if i left anything out please let me know. and ill fix. or answer questions.
i look forward to getting to know everyone.

< x-posted to random communities i joined >
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So, I've been thinking about the whole 9/11 Iraq war and everything lately. My husband is now a vet, and I have watched all those videos like the ones on YouTube saying that 9/11 is complete BS.

Have any of you watched those videos? The things they say, make complete sense and I just sit here thinking my goodness are people in our government morally capable of doing such things?

I use to believe in the whole war on terror and what-not, but now I'm completely shocked. I don't believe it anymore....

I believe in the soldiers, and it makes me so sad to see them on television out there, in the sand, hoping to come home in one piece.

The whole thought of it, makes me hope that my son will never enlist when he grows up.

I'm just disgusted. And I'm sure some people think how can she be so anti-government, anti-America, etc. I'm not anti-America or anti-government at all. I love this country completely. I love how women are free to do what they choose. They don't get married off at 13, or have to sell their body because men wish it. I'm just saying I'm disgusted at the mere theory that our government could be behind it all.
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Question for a friend - emergency situation

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope all of your celebrations are beautiful and you can find joy in this season.

I'm asking a question for my very good friend Luke memepr0gramme - he's a young queer guy who's kinda stuck this holiday season. He's just left a very bad family situation in Texas where among other things he wasn't accepted for being queer - and he's now in the process of looking for work and trying to go back to school for linguistics or evolutionary psychology.

Unfortunately he's kind of between places to live in the SF Bay Area - and would love a place where he could stay for awhile in exchange for cooking/childcare/eldercare/computer tech support. He's quiet, unobtrusive, not an addict, reasonably clean, just needs a little help to get on his feet. His dream is to become a college professor, perhaps at Cal Berkeley.

If anyone knows of anything, please comment here and I'll put you in touch with him.

Beautiful song by Marcia Hopper in honor of the New Year, a gift for everyone here:
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I am so sick of men trying to control me, god I hate men. I'm actully thinking of well killing a man just to get back at their dispicable race. I think the answer is that us women need to start seeing younger men, like maybe 15. That way we will get to control the realationship, and the boy will get to be with an older woman. Who here thinks thats a good idea? btw I know its illeagle and all, but I'm just speaking hypotheticly.