Hello Ze Strokes!

Oh dear, is it really all true?

The Strokes
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_strokethenews_ is a community which is run by your two maintainers whitestroke and guess_glamour that are the only ones that have access to post. We keep you updated with all the new news and articles and new or old pictures of these lovely boys.

Credit for this idea goes to _killmenow_ :)

Everybody seems to be asking the same question, so I'll try to explain it here 'cause I'm tired of repeating it one billion times already: We (maintaners) made a Restricted Members community, which means that we are the only members and the only ones with the posting access. Everybody else is just FRIENDING the community! So you just add us to your F-list and you'll be getting daily Strokes news on your F-page. And comments are always well welcome, so knock yourselves out!


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