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Strike A Pose...

There's Nothing To It!

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Hello! And welcome to _strike_a_pose_! This is a LJ community where you can get your daily fill of one of the greatest actress of the 50's Marilyn Monroe.

This is a picture community what that means in that ever entry you make must have a picture in it. You may bring up questions of about her life, her loves, her movies, someone pretending to be her or anything else that has to do with Marilyn Monroe. But you must put a picture that involve her or your question as well in your entry.

Our rules are fairly simple and straightforward, they are:

No direct linking to pictures, unless you have the webmaster/mistresses permission. You are more then welcome to upload pictures to your own web space. If you don't have web space or can't afford it, check out boomspeed.com, liquid2k.com or picserver.org. They are good for uploading pictures, and they're free.

If you are new and would like to start a new post: you are more than welcome to! Introduce yourself, say hello... Whatever... There's just one catch-you MUST post a picture of Marilyn with it.

Pictures over 500 pixels in width, or more than one picture in an entry along with any nudity or adult manner pictures must be placed behind an LJ cut tag or behind the LJ cut.
< LJ-cut text="text here" >

Any posts that does not have a picture, or is off topic to this community will be deleted. If you post a picture and it doesn't come through that is OK, you can still go back and edit that post to make the picture work. Just click on the little pencil icon when you click on the comment link.

So, please feel free to post pictures of Marilyn!

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