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Plus Sizes

Bigger is Better!

One Inch Plus
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Anybody , Moderated
This community was created because it seems like all the other communities geared towards large-lobed individuals had no joining requirements. We're not necessarily elitist, but we just felt that there should be at LEAST one community without the incessant requests for cheap 00 Kaos Software Silicone Eyelets.

Joining Requirements
Lobes: The minimum size is 1". Please don't lie, just attain 1" and you're free to join.

1. After joining, you can either fill out our member survey or just tell us a little about yourself and your mods. This just gives other people an idea of who you are, and also what kind of body modification you have. We strongly encourage pictures, but they're not at all required.
2. We didn't make this community entirely for people to ask questions about blow-outs or discuss the best oils for lobe massages, it's also a place for like-minded individuals to speak their mind and share opinions. Feel free to talk about anything you'd like, post stories or pictures that may be of interest to other members.
3. As far as selling goes, there are many other communities for that, but feel free to do it here. Keep the pictures behind an LJ Cut ( <.lj-cut text="whatever".> remove the periods ).
4. Always use an LJ Cut after your first picture, just to keep the community and everyone's friends page from being too cluttered.

Member Survey
1. name:
2. age:
3. location:
4. current lobe size:
5. methods used to attain your current size:
6. how long have you been stretching:
7. other mods:
8. retired mods:
9. favorite genre of music, or favorite artists/bands:
10. say something interesting:

created by twookie and tribal_fuk