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Howdy, partners.

I was wondering if anyone has any rarely seen Straylight Run pictures/any pictures that weren't from their MySpace because I was looking to make icons but every picture I've seen in from their MySpace.

(And maybe, if you have/would upload any videos (Existentialism, Big Shot, any special live songs) that would be super, too.)

I'd greatly appreciate any help.

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hey i'm new here- i just joined cause Straylight Run is love :D

i'm probably Straylight's only Aussie fan. i fell in love with them way back before the album and waited three months for the album to be shipped to me!!! at the moment i'm dying cause i want the new EP but i can't buy it cause it will never be in a record store in my podunk little town and i've got no job at the moment so i can't afford to import it :(