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My summary:

I'm Stef, 24, live in the UK. I'm odd because I make surreal little animations no one understands, weird clothes no one likes and I'm too stubborn to pack it in and join the rest of society in a 9-5, well I'm not that stubborn really, I just wouldn't be any good at it :p

I'm friendly and unpretentious. So that's it, hello :)

I'm also ****ing shattered and going to bed now

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This is sad.
Those who are strange generally try to hide it. By saying you are strange makes you the same as every other person on this world.
Schitsophrenics believe that they are sane, the sane believe they are mad, and the mad know nothing of either.
I've noticed you all sit there and say that you are 'weird' or a 'freak' or simply, 'strange', but really, you aren't.
Or I could be wrong. I am willing to believe that you are all as strange as you say you are, but I see no difference between you and any other teenager trying to be different.
So I've joined here to see if you can prove yourselves to be what you claim you are.
I know I'm abnormal, I have the occasional medication and psych visits to prove it. I see things, I hear things.... I indulge in pain and pleasure in equal measures.
Know that I won't put up with people saying that they are what they are not.
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Hi everyone, just introducing myself...

I'm Rebecca, 14 years old, and I live in Newfoundland. Go me. Anyway, I'm considered very strange by just about everyone I know. A lot of people I know call me a freak, and most of them don't actually mean it nicely...But anyway...

I'd list some of my favorite things but I have to be off now. Time to go eat. So you can check my interests...I'll post again sometime soon-ish. I'm starting school tomorrow so I may not be too active and I'm not sure when I may post again...But you can add me if you want, or add me to MSN if you have it, or email me (with my MSN address, which by the way is in my userinfo), or something. Cya later..
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Gayest Moment

I'm new...

Hey! I joined this community because many people consider me strange ^_~ I am easily obsessed. Some of my big obsessions are: AFI, boys in makeup, boy-love, anime/manga...

I listen to lots of different music, but most of my friends don't like what I am listening to really. I like industrial, elektro, dark wave, emo, metal, rock...many things! ^^

So if anyone likes some of the stuff mentioned above, go on and add me please.

Oh and the basics: I am Katrin, 23 and I live in Germany. That's it.
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Hmm... Well, I joined this community because, duh, I'm kinda strange. To be honest, REALLY STRANGE. Um, yeah I dunno. I'm like 'indie' films and am a Taking Back Sunday junkie. Anyone can add me if they want, whatever.
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i am going through hell....this is a perfect place for me

i am a metal head...i am told i'm pretty and i have a strange past that that freaks the strangest out...

first thing i will say is...guys think they are rough, did you ever fight with a girl...? if you have a fight with a girl you are enemies for life...girls are bitches...and we should all be fucking proud of it.

you want weird...?
you just met her
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