an issue

Ok, there's been an issue with the "n" word. I dont want to make a big deal or anything but I will ask all members to PLEASE never use that word here. Its a very big issue to me, and that word, to me is the most disrespectful, horrible word you could call any black person. I understand that within the black community its used loosely and freely, but seeing as none of our members are black, it just truly isnt our place.

I just moved from a basically all white school and town to a larger town where 40% of my school is black. I KNOW how disrespctful this word is, and i would never use it.

I recently had someone trying to join the community, and when i read her application she basically said I hate black people and (I quote)" want to bring back slavery."

This is NOT what the community is about, its about a love/intrest in rap or "predominately black" form of music. To love and respect it, not bash it's creators.

I'm sorry it had to be an issue, and I dont want to single anyone out because they're not guilty of anything, i just want to express my veiws and wishes for the community.


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Alliance, O-hi-hoe
it's fitty!
industrial, 80's ballads, and hardcore/metal
im a german jew?
well i can pop my hip... but ppl just think im shakin my ass so i dont do that anymore
umm... no thank you
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Hot in herr

"It's gettin hot in herr, So i'm gonna go swimmin, YEAH, It's gettin hot in herr, So i'm gonna go swimmin, in a one piece bathing suit"- Sarah Weaver

This is a very creative clean version of Nelly's very popular "Hot in herr" written by my bestestestest friiiend for her nieces. I thought it was the bomb diggity. I hope everyone enjois it.
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App No. fourhundredandtwentytwo

name: CaroL Aka drugstorecowgirl Yeeha

age: thisclose to 16

location: Wooster

rapper: chingy, jimmy urine, Snoop, Luda

favorite type of music: Punk, Alternative, Reggae, Ska, Folk Rock, and i have a definit soft spot for emo and commercial punk...and i can pretty much listen to anything else given i'm in a good mood

favorite band:Anti-flag, MSI, Tegan & sarah, the postal service,311, Letters to Cleo, Boy hits car, Glassjaw, OAR, Sublime, Bob Marley..etc.

why you're different from everyone else: because i wanna change the world and still have a good time.

hidden talent: u'll cream yourself when i'm walkin away

anything else you'd like to add: I <3 megan
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