i love u tiffanys

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hey hwats crackin everyone? LOL. Im new here. 16 and from the bay Area California. Representin the 510!!! just lookin for some more friends to add. add me and I'll definetly add ya back
much love

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today my ghetto friend carl called me his "favorite white girl".. we then walked out of seventh period with our arms around eachother and got whistled at the whole way to engineering class :P i will say it was LOVELY!
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the end

♥ New.

Name: k4554ndr4
Age: 18
Location: MI
Rapper: 50/ g -unit lil jon<3, jay z,luda,chingy ect..
Favorite Type of Music: anything from gangsta rap to hxc
Favorite Band: mewithoutyou
Why You're Different From Everybody Else: i'm a throw it up bitch & i aint scurred
Hidden Talent: i can figure skate really good.
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T.I - Rubberband Man

Rubberband Man
Wild as the taliban
9 in my right
45 in my other hand

This song, is great. I even made rubberband bracelets that say "Rubberband Man Wild as the Taliban" on them.......call me obsessed. And i DO snap them everytime he says "Rubberband Man" in the chorus....ok, keep calling me obsessed.
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all you members, raise ya hands

confesions of a white girl:
i want some big ass blinging rims
on my '88 celebrity
blinding all the muthafuckas
dat be walkin down da street

I think im gonna go to
terry's tire town today and get some...

does anyone else share my deep
obsession with dubzzzzz?
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