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This is a little journal I started because me and a friend have began to write books, and we were in the process of serializing them in our journals. I figured that this might be a good idea to get our story out there.

Please if you're going to be a member of this comunity, you have to give back. This isn't limited to writing a story of your own, but also giving advice and suggestions. Proof reading is also very helpful. What you post in here doesn't have to be limited to stories either. You can post original poems, song lyrics, and all of those sort of things as well.


1) Please be nice when giving advice and suggestions

2) Please put all posts 'friends only' except if you're writing a multi-part story in which case, you can and are encouraged to make the first part public

3) Please put all posts that are part of a story behind an lj-cut with the title of the story in the subject, title of the chapter in the as the lj-cut, and if it's only part of the chapter put it next to the chapter title in square brackets (confusing, I know. Just look at my posts)

4) The entries have to be approved before being posted, this is easier than having to grant posting access. After 2 or 3 entries, your entries won't be in need of approval

5) Please no fanfics, only original works

6) Try not to use the mood icons and 'current music' too much in your posts on here

7) Please warn of sexual content or other things that may make readers uncomfortable

Now with weekly writing prompts thanks to weeklyprompt, and contributing members

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