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Storm's Shadow

( ( Marauder's Era RPG ) )

( ( Marauder's Era RPG ) )
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Storm's Shadow is a Harry Potter Marauder Era RPG.
We have an OOC community to get to know the real members, please join both communities.
Entries to this community can either be in journal entry, live action, or conversation format.
You can join the community just to watch the characters act if you don't want a role.
We'll start out in the summer of the Marauders' 7th year. This is after the Animagi potion;
Lily and James should have some type of relationship, though you can determine how developed it is.
Please promote this community so we can have more fun!

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All members must have an lj account dedicated to their character,
with an appropriate name, icon, and (if desired) user info.
It would be wonderful if members could have an AIM sn dedicated to their character;
this makes conversations with other characters alot easier.
If you do post an AIM conversation, keep in mind that there was no internet in the 70s;
please post these in dialogue/play format.
If you read this, put "up to no good" as the subject of your application comment.
If you can't post for a while, let us know in the OOC community.
If you don't post for a while w/o a reason, we'll (regretfully) ask you to leave.

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Headmaster Albus Dumbledore -
Professor Minerva McGonagall -
Hagrid -

Regulus Black (5th) -
Lucius Malfoy (Out of School; Born 1954) - malfoymaster
Narcissa (Black) Malfoy (Out of School) -
Severus Snape (7th) - scholarly_snape
Bellatrix Black (7th) - manic_laughter

James Potter (7th) - chaserofsmiles
Sirius Black (7th) - pdft
Remus Lupin (7th) - patched_moony
Peter Pettigrew (7th) -
Lily Evans (7th) - green_eyed_lily
Marianne Watts (7th) - marianne_watts
Emmeline Vance (7th) - emma_enchanting

Andromeda Black (7th) -
Rita Skeeter (6th) -

Gilderoy Lockhart (6th) -
Ludovic Bagman (7th) -

If you know of any other canon characters that you'd like to be, go ahead and request them. We accept other characters at the moment, but please be reasonable.

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Paste this into a comment in the friends only entry.

The Real You:
Name -
Personal LJ -
Personal AIM (optional) -
Country -
Favorite HP Character -
Favorite HP Moment -
Character Requested -
Character's Background -
Character's Friends -
Character's Enemies -
Character's Likes -
Character's Dislikes -

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If you'd like to affiliate, comment in the f/o entry.