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Stolen Icons
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Everyone who joins this community is able to post icons they have picked up along the way. Feel free to post anytime.

None of the icons here were made by the LJ users who posted them (unless stated otherwise, still do not give them credit. it is their choice to post their work in a non-credit community). NEVER NEVER NEVER credit these people, but please do comment telling which ones you are taking. LJ users who have joined this community have joined to "steal" icons that they may have come across. Hence the name.

When posting icons no more than 3 teaser icons, the rest have to be under an LJ-cut. DO NOT disrepsect the icons or the people posting the icons. If this happens, you will be banned. Consider this your warning. Also, please put this text at the end of your post "Reminder: Do not credit!"

If your work happens to be here and would like it to be removed, send an e-mail xhighlight89x@yahoo.com or comment on the entry. Your request will take action as soon as possible.

We do not take requests, if your looking for a certain icon/type of icons, we will be glad to post some for you. THOSE are the types of requests we take. Although, WE DO NOT make icons for you.

If your a maker, and you see your graphics in this community, please don't flip out about it, just ask nicely for credit, or ask for it to be taken down. If you start swearing && flipping out about seeing your graphics here, we will ban you.


If you want to be a moderator, help out, have any ideas, need your icon removed, or promote another community; please email me at xhighlight89x@yahoo.com

NOTE: We are now holding THEME WEEK regularly. You are not required to only post theme related icons, but the theme is the main focus.


Questions or concerns email me at xhighlight89x@yahoo.com