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the new _stencilry;


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welcome to the new and improved t-shirt _stencilry.

this isn't your mother's _stencilry. it has been taken over through the efforts of a non-military coup.
shutter is your new leader.


it's here, it's queer!


there are rules here now. follow them or be firebombed.

      don't request stencils. ever. even in comments. do it at stencil_swap. that's what it's made for. you get one warning, then you're banned.

      threadless rip-offs get deleted.

      always check the memories before asking a question. they're being closely monitored and updated by your friend and mine, prophetspyder. you can also ask around in the newly instated _stencilry chat. there might be some helpful kids in there. you will be banned if you get annoying. try and figure out some stuff for yourself, please.

      avoid posting your photoshopped pictures. we want to see the finished product (no posting stencils in comments if people request them either).

      this isn't the place to sell your art. all posts that include ebay links, etc. will be deleted without warning.

      all legalities regarding copyrighted works and livejournal terms of service will be enforced here. so don't fuck it up for the rest of us because you're an idiot.

there's only four goddamn rules. not that hard to follow, either. shutter or prophetspyder will whip your asses if you step out of line.


helpful links:

howto; post images, livejournal cut, edit entries. use these, bitches.

t_shirt_surgery; deconstruction and reconstruction of t-shirts. it's good stuff.

stencil_art, stencil_it_up, streetstencils; outdoor stencil bombing. not for the faint of heart.

screenprinting; t-shirt stencilry's illustrious cousin.

join the revolution.