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Steph's Icon Journal
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_Staynow is my (Steph aka fatexsucks) personal icon journal.  Here you can find all my icons plus some other stuff (tutorials, wallpapers, brushes &more).  Check out the memories or the tag archive to see a listing of my icons.

This journal is setup as a community just for convenience of me.  It makes it much easier for me to update it.  Only I can post here but feel free to join the community or just watch it.  If you join you will get to see the private postings if and when those should happen.

Rules & Info
Credit: Not so much mandatory but would be very, very nice.  I've made a simple tutorial on how to credit.  Plus here it is again just even more simplified.

You can credit me as either _staynow or fatexsucks.

Commenting:  Again It's not mandatory but always appreciated.  I like to know what icons people like and which ones get good homes. 

Don't Hotlink, Direct link whatever else you want to call it just don't do it!  Unsure what it is read here.


Tags Archive | Resources |How To Credit | Suggestions

Tag Archive: A list of all the tags used.  A more detailed list of icon subjects than the memories.

Resources: An ever growing list of the people and places I get brushes, gradients, fonts or anything else helped to make my icons.

How to Credit: a quick tutorial  on how to credit icons on LJ.

Suggestions: I don't take requests but suggestions are always good. Make a suggestion, provide a picture and I will see what I can do.

Affiliates (wanna?)

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