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Staticzero XTREME's Journal
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Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

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Hahaha, I rule.



Go there, make sure your profile works, see if you can find any obvious glitches.

A few points.

First off, admins: yes, I am aware of the security risk message. I'm working on that.

Second, this is only a temporary url...you CAN bookmark it, but once we get the new domain, I'll move everything there.

Third, the forum is using YABB SE, which is no longer supported by the creators. So, sometime this weekend I'm going to be trying to update the forum to use smf. During that point there might be a few glitches...we'll have to see.

Because I'm shooting to do that this weekend, I'd like to move it over to the new domain at the same time. So, ideally if we can decide on one by then, that'd be great.

As far as I can tell, the forum should be pretty much exactly the way it was. Private messages should still be there, your passwords should be the same, etc.

There...might be other stuff, but...it's almost 3. I'm going to bed. If I forgot something, bug me about it tomorrow :p

Current Mood: accomplished

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