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Welcome to _starrless. This is the graphics journal of ashley3408. The graphics posted in this journal are blends, headers, icons, friends only banners, ect. If you haven't, be sure to read the rules in the user info. If you have any questions, comment to this entry and I will gladly answer them for you. Please do not comment if you are interested in joining. This is a community. Simply go to the user info, and click "Join this community" for the ability to see my graphics.

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Note: my layout is best viewed in 1024 x 768. if you are using a different screen size it may appear incorrectly for you.
adam and rachel ( © suziebr )


If you are interested in affiliating with me, please read the rules below and then comment to this entry.

Not Currently Accepting Affiliates

1. You must be active, meaning you update at least 4 times a month.
2. You must be a graphics journal/community.
3. You must link me in your info or wherever you link your affiliates.
4. I link all my affilates with a LJ user tag because that's easiest for me. If you have a problem with that, let me know.

All of my current affliates are listed in the userinfo and (if present on current layout) in the sidebar.
adam and rachel ( © suziebr )