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Knock-knock+) [09 Nov 2006|06:29pm]

Hot greetings to you from cold Russia! My name is Slava,im 18 years old. Nine Inch Nails there was one of the most original musical groups heard by me and I at once have fallen in love in their music +). Here a question which for a long time disturbs me: you do not know any information in occasion of concerts NIИ in Russia?
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[15 Aug 2006|12:59am]

[ mood | exanimate ]

I know this seems pretty damn lame, but my friend is having a themed costume party. The them of course is NIN or Trent. You have to dress up as a song title/lyric from any of Reznor's work. It's pretty simple (but not simple enough for me apparently), I'll give you a few examples of what my friends are doing:

1. big man with a big gun (that's sort of self-explanatory)
2. collector (sticking one of those magic collector cards to his forehead *rolls eyes*)
3. star fucker (attaching a paper mache star to the groin of his pants. heh.)
4. god wrapped in cellophane (see 1)

can anyone think of a costume for me? It's kinda short notice, i know, but any ideas would be lovely.


p.s: x-posted to some other lj's.

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[02 Oct 2005|09:19pm]

NOTE: I come bearing gifts.

[Requiem for a Dream ft. NIN - Right Where It Belongs]

1.Image hosted by Photobucket.com 4.Image hosted by Photobucket.com 14.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

What if all the world you think you know is an elaborate dream?Collapse )

Same rules apply:
- DO NOT hotlink
- Credit me _monroeville_
- DO NOT modify them in any way

(x-posted at ownage_graphics)
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help!! [11 Jun 2005|05:13pm]

Hey...does anyone know where i can get nine inch nails ringtones for my phone?
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. nine inch nails tour in austin 2005 . [26 May 2005|05:18pm]


click the image to view the series (60+)
click below to view the cut version

Read more...Collapse )
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Stamped//UNTHEMED [12 Feb 2005|08:06pm]

So I got my nose pierced tonight. It didn't hurt as much as everyone said it was going to. Just a little pinch, but then again, I can take pain very well.

This is my new nose..Collapse )
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STAMPED//SNOW [23 Jan 2005|01:02am]

Holy shit, I love the city like this!

SnowCollapse )
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[21 Jan 2005|06:23pm]


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[25 Dec 2004|03:02am]

PicturesCollapse )
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Happy Thanksgiving Day! [25 Nov 2004|06:44pm]


Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, New York.Collapse )

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[13 Nov 2004|03:33pm]

well hello
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[21 Oct 2004|07:31pm]


recent adventures into never never landCollapse )

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[21 Oct 2004|05:10pm]

wow im just posting cause no one has in a long time.
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[10 Oct 2004|05:03pm]


Lots of pictures of what my life looks like these daysCollapse )

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Hi. [05 Oct 2004|05:06pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Hi im new yey...Im 13 and I saw star fuckers and I know thats a Tori Amos song so I had t check this out. I went to her concert so umm yeah...I like knee socks! some of my favorite artists/bands are Nirvana,Evanescence,Lacuna coil,Tori Amos,Modest Mouse,Slayer aND A whole bunch others so yes hi.

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[18 Sep 2004|07:08pm]

A la prochaine foisCollapse )
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did anyone know this [07 Sep 2004|12:33am]

[ mood | curious ]

whispered parts of nin's songsCollapse )

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hehehehehehehe [04 Sep 2004|04:19am]

[ mood | amused ]

just wait until you guys find out what this community is really for.

oh, the thought of it entertains me daily.


[04 Sep 2004|03:05am]

so no one updates in here..or what..
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[01 Sep 2004|12:48am]


Think you're one of the NIN-elite? Take a look at our community, take the test, and join the few, the proud, the elite \m/
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