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Welcome! _StarDesigns is a graphics requesting & sharing community here @ Livejournal DOT com. This community is Members Only. That means you have to join the community in order to see any entries. If you would like to request a graphic to be made, please look below for the request form. This community has open posting so feel free to share anything along the line of graphics. This community was opened on August 28th of 2005. We are active with over 1000 members

1) When you make a post/request, make it FRIENDS ONLY, or it will be deleted.

2) CREDIT EVERYTHING YOU TAKE FROM HERE. This is serious. People take a lot of time & effort to make graphics & designs for everyone to enjoy, so be considerate & credit. If anyone is caught with a graphic w/ no crediting, they will be banned. NO BUT'S ABOUT IT!

3)Save everything to your own server. That means save the image to your own hard drive, & upload to a picture hosting site. EXAMPLE: www.photobucket.com
If you do not do this, your chancing on losing that graphic. So its best that you do.

4) When posting with images, please use an LJ Cut

5) When making a request on a Freebie post only do 1 original comment. If you made a mistake or want to edit your request please delete your previous comment (red X next to date and time when viewing your comment) and post a new comment. It makes it easier for us to monitor how many requests we're doing.

6) NO DRAMA. Don't push it. You'll be banned.

Requesting is closed @ this time. Check back later

So far we have completed 3 contest. The winners & their designs on those contests will be posted soon.

You can find more promotion banners HERE

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Would you like to be an affliate?
Email the owner Destiny @ seeingstars278@yahoo.com.
Or contact her at her personal journal _seeingst4rs_. Thanks!