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_starcandy Secret Santa - The reveals!

Hello dearest members, that's it now, all the Secret Santa fics have been posted. A huge thank you to all the participants for writing and requesting such awesome fics, and thank you to the readers and the commenters. I hope you enjoyed it all, I know I did ;)

Authors are now free to claim and post their fics wherever they feel fit. I encourage you all to re-post those fics here as well, mainly so I can archive them in the memories under your usernames, though it might be a while before I get as far as that oh god I am so behind. But Please wait a week or so before you post them here.

What to know who wrote what and for whom? Look under the cut.

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Some of the fics are members locked due to the rating, if you haven't joined the comm then you are missing out on some awesome fic so join now!

SECRET SANTA - Merry Christmas playgirl_eugene - A Heart's Journey 1/2

Title: A Heart's Journey
Recipient: playgirl_eugene
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: A bit of homophobia, a few bad words, first time writer! self beta-ed
Summary: JaeMin's evolution of love over the years from childhood to old age.
Author's note: The story is presented in a drabble x chapter way. I tried to make it so it seems as if I took an excerpt from every 'chapter'. Merry Christmas!
Prompt chaptered unrequited love on jae's part (childhood-school-marriage-kids, jae playing the family friend, eventual jaemin)

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SECRET SANTA - Merry Christmas samikitty

Title: Be Careful What You Wish For
Recipient: samikitty
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Genre: Fluff, Humor
Summary: It all started because Jaejoong wanted a cat
Author's Note: Written for samikitty for the Starcandy Secret Santa 2012 Event ^^
Prompt: On a cold December morning, Changmin discovers that he's developed the ability to turn invisible... or into a cat.

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SECRET SANTA - Merry Christmas atriums

Title: Break the chain

Recipient: atriums

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: none

Summary: It makes sense then, that Changmin would want to seek something that couldn’t possibly exist, for he had already found for the City everything he deemed worth discovering. And maybe the Old Stories were right; maybe you shouldn’t mingle with a demon, even when you think you know all the risks.

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SECRET SANTA - Merry Christmas zelshamada

Title: Of Sugar, Spice, and Things Not So Nice
Recipient: zelshamada
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some swearing, failed attempts at humor.
Summary: Changmin's a damn good cook -- he might even be better than Jaejoong. (Saying that to his face, however, may not be the smartest idea.)
Author's note: JaeMin is very new and unfamiliar territory for me, non-AU fics more so; I hope I did your prompt justice! ♥

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SECRET SANTA - Merry Christmas waterpulse - Turn Back

Title: Turn Back
Recipient: waterpulse
Rating: PG
Warnings: AU
Summary: Changmin didn’t mean to stumble upon the concubine’s son. Nor did Jaejoong intend to befriend the prince. And he didn’t intend for them to grow so close, or learn so much. But he couldn’t let it slip away from him, now that he’d had a taste.
It tasted like the season’s fruits that they climbed trees to gather when they were too small to reach. And it tasted like the lake-water that they threw in each other’s faces. And it tasted like the Paper Prince’s dry letters and bitter ink that they managed to overcome.
Author's note: So I listened to Insa and Hoppipolla and looked up the translations. From Hoppipolla I just HAD to write a childhood fic and from Insa, also the ‘finding each other’ prompt, there had to be some sort of loss and conflict XD anyway I hope you like it, I had fun writing~ merry Christmas! <3

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