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JaeMin in 'T' Off-shot Movie XD

If you haven't watch their latest album, 'T' off-shot movie, watch it HERE first! And while you're at it, please pay attention to the scene where Junsu feeds Changmin in between 05:16 - 05:20. Oh, can you possibly imagine the sounds that he can make on the bed when he can already make it sound so perverted while eating only a stick ... *_______*

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All I can say is, never underestimate the power of a bored perverted fan-girl whose life revolves around TVXQ on a lazy Saturday evening. XDDDDDDD

Fanvideo + Pics :D

Uhm hey :D
That's my first Post here >< I'm sorry for any mistakes

I have just watched the Rising Sun Concert and saw this.
I don't know if it already posted Oo
I was just so happy about the Jaemin Moment XD
There was not many Fanservice on that Concert...but a Jaemin Moment. It's under the Cut + an Jaemin Fanvideo :D

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Dong Bang - Balloons - Ricochet

School of rock!

horrible caps because I was taking these from the m-net stream as it was running and I'll probably do more when I've downloaded the actual thing. But I had to share these. Right now~

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Something to definitely look forward to next week, eh? ~MERRY CHRISTMAS TO US~! ;D

Edit: wow, so fast. WATCH IT HERE credits: 지원83 @ bestiz.net.

I'm dying...and that's only the preview.