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Title: Angel with a shotgun
Pairing/Characters: Jaemin, Hosu.
Summary (by the author): Mob wars are painting the streets of Hong Kong and Japan red with blood ensnaring the rogue cop in its wake. Can Yunho find him in time to save him and is he ready for what he finds? Can the gangs unite to stop the violence or will they tear each other apart with their greed?
N/A: This fanmix is based in the (most awesome) mob!fic In the line of fire by the talented dreaminthepast

A TVXQ!Mob fanmix
Jaemin/Hosu (Jaechun!BFF, Minsu!BFF)
( Angel with a shotgun )

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02 January 2008 @ 03:10 pm

un.to - A Soul Fighter FST

I'm going to hit him as much as I love him, right?

♣ This is our (yumeyana and onew) gift to _starcandy on it's anniversary. :D