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Jae loves me

Jaemin radio talking :D


That's the link to this clip where Max and Jae are on a radio program and they are kind of flirting with each other. But ahhhh!it's so funny and cute.

재중 : 창민아, 오늘 너의 미모가 아주 뷰티풀하구나
Jae Joong: Chang Min, your face is very "beautiful" (he said in english) today.

창민 : 어 . . 방송에서 나의 실체를 밝히게 되다니 굉장히 글루미해
Changmin: Ah... you said what I looked like during the broadcast. It's kind of "gloomy" (english XD)

(일동 폭소)
(Lots of laughter)

재중 : 괜찮아. . 너의 클 . . 너, 너의 클리어한 이빨이 아름답잖아
Jae Joong: It's okay.. your cl... your "clear" teeth are enchanting.

창민 : 오, 형. . 굉장히 페이스가 . . 아주 화사해
Changmin: Ohh, hyung.. Your "face"(english) is very.. very "elegant".

(일동 또 폭소)
(Much laughter again)

재중 : 괜찮아 엘레강스
Jae Joong: "It's okay. "Elegance"

창민 : 어, 하아 . .
Changmin: Uh, Ha..

재중 : 으하하 막 이러고 있 . . 막 . .
Jae Joong: Haha. Acting like this is very.. very..

유천 : 이거를 스피드 빨리 한 곱하기 백 해가지구 . .
Yoochun: Can we speed this up and multiply it 100 times around the world?

(I have no fricken idea why the heck he said that X_X)

준수 : 진짜. . 너무 정말 신기합니다.
Junsu: Really.. It's really strange.
Dong Bang - Balloons - Ricochet

Fic + a couple bonus things.

Title: Steam.
Pairing: JaeMin or is it MinJae? You tell me.
Rating: NC-17 >:D
Word Count: 3855 words - One shot only.
Author: Rae pulsepointed
A/N: So. Getting tired of pining and wishing for more JaeMin things of the p0rnish variety *blinks cutely at certain people ♥* I took it upon myself to write some. I can’t PWP to save my life, so it does have a “story” behind it - sort of. It’s sometimes hard for me to break out of my Rp style of writing things other than crack, but I hope it’s tolerable nevertheless. I only read through it myself twice, and m’dear digital_tenshi read it also, (centric got a peek at some of it, and she spazzed at me enough to finish it :PPPPP) but I didn’t ask either to beta - so beware any screwy tenses, messy paragraphs, or dysfucntional punctuaion. I may come back to clean it up later. ♥

Dedication: everyone! Except my mom. Cuz that would just be weird. D:

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Remember the rising sun showcase? Changmin sang a song called I love you, by Position. Anyways, he’s done it several other times on radio shows as well - and this is one of those times, on TenTen radio last week. This one is different, however, because JaeJoong provides a little bit of commentary. ^o^

I love you too, eh!

http://s57.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=29O89YFI4B7BV2RJH70TSO858V ysi link to the entire radio show. <3 enjoy the numerous shared looks, even more tissue giving, and crazy fast-talking jae and hyper EH’ing min and oh yeah, Junsu’s there too. ♥