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I made Jaemin turn real ! (prologue)

Title : I made Jaemin turn real (prologue)
Length: Chaptered (8 chapters + prologue & epilogue)
Rating : PG-13
Genre : Drama-like, romance, fluff, humor.
Summary : Jaejoong and Changmin are in love with the same girl. But she happens to be a fanfic writer and in an attempt to please her, they multiply fan service. But the more they try to get closer to her, the more something else happens.
Author’s note : Remember the old fic “A yaoitaku created Jaemin” ? The author allowed me to rewrite it my way. I hope you will like this as much as I enjoyed the first one !
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Simple Pleasures

Title: Simple Pleasures
Pairing: Changmin/Jaejoong
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rating: PG
Warning: Un-beta'd
Summary: Being DBSK meant no breaks, especially on holidays. But Changmin and Jaejoong managed to squeeze in some time to celebrate their love with a trivial game.

A/N: An early Valentine's Day present to my readers. I wrote this oneshot four years ago, but didn't get to upload it until now because I've always missed the date by a few days. The wording is a little old, but hopefully it flowed okay.


"Happy Valentine's, Jaejoong-hyung."

Of carelessness and its advantages.

Title : Of carelessness and its advantages.
Pairing : Jaemin
Rating : pg-13 (to be safe)
Genre : fluff, attempt of humor
Length : oneshot
Summary : Changmin hates it when Jaejoong is careless. Jaejoong doesn’t mind.
Author’s note : Sorry for the lame title, I can’t seem to name my fics according to what I would like it to sound… I hope you like the fic anyway !



Title : Ouija
Pairing : Jaemin, past Yoomin, Yoosu, Homin (brotherly)
Genre : Alternative Universe, humor, a bit of fluff, also supernatural ?
Rating : PG-13
Summary : Changmin, Yunho’s stepbrother, doesn’t understand why his hyung keeps rejecting him. Jaejoong, Changmin’s best friend, is too busy trying to hide his feelings for him to be able to help him. Yoochun and Junsu, Changmin’s friends, will help him figure out everything by using an Ouija board.
Author’s note : I wanted to make chibi dbsk but my English is too poor for that. So I settled for 12-13 years old characters. I hope you like it :)



Title : Destiny-1
Pairing : Jaemin
Rating : PG
Length : oneshot (long)
Summary: Prompt #1 by Jaeminism
Changmin is the heir of Shim industry who is tired of his work. He wishes to live his life differently but doesn't want to disappoint his Dad. On the other hand Jaejoong is a jobless man who is enjoying his life but his Dad wants him to earn money. He has his degree and everything to get a job but he is too lazy and dumb to actually do an office job. So his best friend gives him the idea to earn money in the easiest way - kidnap a rich guy and demand money from his family. So there you go.... Jae kidnaps Min. In the beginning Min would be thinking of ideas to escape... But later he'll get fond of Jae's dumbness and simplicity and the way Min lives his life. < Yeah that's all I have in mind.

Author’s note : 1) dedicated to jaeminism who gave me the prompt. Thank you ! Hope you like it !
2) I hesitated between two ends, one cheesy and full of crack, the other more psychological and sentimental. So I made two stories with the same prompt. The first part is very similar in both stories, but the second is completely different. You can either choose the one you want to read, or read both of them. I will post them as two different stories. (the other is coming up, tomorrow I hope)


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Spoiled Rotten

Title: Spoiled Rotten
Pairing: Jaejoong/Changmin
Genre: Humor/Fluff
Rating: PG
Idea: Prompt from 30 Days OTP Challenge on Tumblr and this gifset.
Summary: The reason why Changmin planned a trip to the mall, was so he could show off his hyung ... and maybe get some new toys in the process.

"So, what did he say? Is it a go?"

Wedding Bells - epilogue

Title: Wedding bells
Author: Melodia <3
Pairing: JaeMin - Yunho/OC
Length: ~10
Rating: PG for now... but I don't know
Genre: romance, humour, yaoi...
Disclaimer: I only own them in my dreams. Story plot is mine ~
Author comment: All the wedding stories are either mushy or angsty, I just wanted a fun simple one~
CrossPosted on AFF
Description: Hyewon, Jaejoong's best friend is getting married with Yunho. Changmin is Yunho's best man. Jaejoong never met the man, but he never imagined it would be such a big deal until the fateful day of the wedding.

Previous Chapters : One - Two - Three - Four - Five - Six - Seven - Eight - Nine

The things that are White

Title: The things that are White ... 2/3 ?
Pairing: Changmin/Jaejoong
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff, crack
Summary: Things dealing with the color white, breaking the fourth wall, and a self-promo for the sequel?
A/N: Well, I had written more than half of this two years ago, but I never finished it. I decided to finish off some of these fics and this one was begging to be done. So this #39 White is a bit related to #96 Experiment?

“The moon is white. Snow is white. Sugar is white. So what? White is just a color. You have to get over your fear of illnesses and hospitals.”