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You're invited. [Contest, baby]

What: _starcandy's second annual birthday contest.
Where: Right here!
When: January 26th, JaeJoong's birthday through February 18th, Changmin's birthday.
Theme: Birthday. Approach it anyway you'd like. Big party, private party, reminiscing, age woes, crazy or special gifts, cake! There are quite a few possibilities if you think about it.
Rules: Two categories: fiction & art. One entry per person for both categories. Fresh, new stories and art only~ Submit entries by February 18th, no exceptions. Tag your entries with the "contests" tag and label it [Contest Entry] in the Subject. JaeMin must be the main pairing.
Prize: Super Coll banner made for you by miss centric & bragging rights. ^o~

ATTN: All who loves the fic, you lusty perverts :D

Hello there, _starcandy. :3< As most of you know, our lovely mods have held a summertime fic contest. And apparently, a staggering number of twelve lovely members have voted. And the voting ends tomorrow.

This is most displeasing, and so I, along with fellow fic writer of brilliance x_voracity, have decided to take matters into our own hands. By which I mean, the pithy threat of: NO MORE FIC unless you vote! :| We think that it is pretty reasonable to ask for people to vote in a fic contest if there are 150-some members who, persumably, read the fics that are submitted. You know, to reward our hard work, etc, etc, please.

So this is our proporsal, and we hope that other authors will also join us in our strike of laziness and righteous uh demanding of, like, nonlurkerdom and stuff. Come on, guys, it's not that hard: just a click and uh some typey action and uh reading BRILLIANT FICS :3

So yes. Authors, please join us in our mock union movement XD Everyone, please vote?! And people who have voted, all, like...12 of you T_T Thank you so much.

<3<3<3<3.14 Have a nice voting day!? Please please please please?

EDIT: Btw, the voting poll is here. Thanks, checkerzelda for reminding! 8D

[Contest Entry] Not hot enough

Hello everyone! Here's my fanart for the summer contest :D
I'm so glad I finished this in time T_T All of my pens ran out of ink and when I finally had the money to buy them again I kinda rushed this <\\\< I hope it came out okay!

It's disgustingly sweet, I know XD I'm so lame.

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I'll have to leave on the 1st of August...hope you'll like this little thing, and that I'll be able to comment everything I still have to comment when I'll be back XD I'm sooo behind on the stuff T_T''
do i [dazzle?] you. sp.arks.at--night.

*[Contest Entry]* A Contemplation of the Four Seasons

Title: A Contemplation of the Four Seasons
Rating: PG-13 for slight innuendo
Pairing: JaeMin and mild! Yoosu
Fandom: DBSG
Genre: Humor/Romance/Fluff
Author's Notes: Oooh, my head hurts. Second longest fanfic I've ever written. >>;; Inspired by the Hi Ya Ya Summer MV. Comments provide drive to write more and votes provide future chaptered JaeMin fics!
Words: 1790
Summary: In which Jae Joong tries to understand what Changmin is to him and figures out that love is a mistress that has taken him by force.

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