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So you work in the historical romance section...

Title: So you work in the historical romance section...
Rating: PG-13 (for language and slight sexual content)
Focus: JaeMin, YooSu
Word count: 2667 words
Disclaimer: This is purely fictional.
Summary: Crackfic. Changmin works in a bookstore. Featuring horny!Changmin, awkwardly-seductive!Jaejoong, greasy!Yoochun, and embarrassed!Junsu.

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stock; take me away into the sun

These Wings of Ours

Title: These Wings of Ours
Rating: R
Pairing(s): JaeChun, YunJae, JaeMin, MinSu
Word count: 13,380 words
Disclaimer: This is purely fictional.
Warnings: alcohol abuse, abusive relationships (parental and romantic), language, suicidal thoughts, implied sex
Summary: Yoochun meets Jaejoong at the roof’s edge. Jaejoong has always wanted to fly. Highschool!AU. Inspired by My So-Called Life. When you really look closely, people are so strange and so complicated that they're actually... beautiful. – Angela Chase, My So-Called Life.

Originally posted here for dbsk_bigbang 2010. Thank you so much to awoken for this amazing fanmix for the fic. ♥

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First post! [Fic]

Title: My Destiny (not very original, but i have no idea otherwise ^^;;)
Author: </a></a>narcolept_smurf
Pairing: </b>
JaeMin ish
Rating: PG, maybe PG-13 because of the angst? No swearing though
Genre: AU, Angst
A/N: HUGE thank you to </a></b></a>cybermuffin18 for helping me develop the idea after I had her read the first few paragraphs ^_^

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[fic] Pictures of Houses (Jaemin) (one-shot)

Title: Pictures of Houses
Author: naisumi
Rating: G/PG
Pairing: Jaemin (duh XP)
A/N: Okay, so. LONGEST BOUT OF WRITER'S BLOCK EVER. Sorry, guys. I suspect this fic might suck. But uh *cough* Yes. Not beta'd, barely proofread, must to sleep. Constructive critism craved for, paid for with cookies, butterscotch and peanut butter, yesplz. <3<3 Oh. Also, the title is from "Pictures of Houses" by Tilly and the Wall. Excerpts from lyrics within.

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[fic] In the Deep Blue (7/?)

Title: In the Deep Blue (7/?)
Author: naisumi
Pairing: Jaemin, natch
Notes: Ahh, Sorry for the huge immense delay of chaptering >.> I'm a little out of practice besides 8D So this chapter might suck horribly. Lots of dialogue. Lots of unedited crack. I'm going to sleep, man, it's 6 a.m. I will be checking for horrible mistakes in the morning X_X Enjoy, and plztocomment :3 <3.14!!

Chapter 1 --- Chapter 2 --- Chapter 3 --- Chapter 4 --- Chapter 5 --- Chapter 6

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