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What really means

Title: What really means
Pair: Jaemin
Genre: Angst (but not really)
Word Count: 582
Prompt: Imagine your OTP walking down a snowy deserted street and looking back at their footprints left in the snow. Optional: they try to walk backwards in the others’ footprints. (Jaemin)
A/N: This is one of the 12 fics I’ll be or Im posting for the first 12 days of 2013. I took some of the prompts from http://imagineyourotp.tumblr.com/ and some are just random songs I’ve chosen. dorkii_simba hop on the challenge too. Some might be long, some might be short. Most of them are slash couples but some aren’t. I either assign the couple that for me click with the prompt or randomly selected from a pot full of paper with different couples.
Happy New Year & Enjoy!

A/N: This is the third fic and the fic for today!

You guys proved everyone, especially the company itself, what we and the fans already knew.
Yun Ommo!

Love of a Friend

Title: Love of a Friend
Pairings: JaeMin, onesidedYunjae , ninja EunHae
Rating: PG
Length: Oneshot
Warning: clichè

Summary: Jaejoong had secretly loved his bestfriend since forever, but how will his love life moves when that particular friend of his is trying to hook him up with the president of the student body?

He bites his lip, knowing full well it was all caused by a mere hug from a certain Shim Changmin.
Jaemin woah

Cathing you; 100 prompt challenge

Title: Catching you
Author: every_journal
Pairing: Jaejoong x Changmin
Rating: PG
Warning: Fluff?
Genre: Supernatural, AU, Angst, Fluff
A/N: Part of the 100 Prompt challenge, for the prompt Regret. For all prompts I will be using the same AU setting. So even if this doesn’t make sense, more will be made clear in the future.

kyute min!

Three Attempts to Success

Title: Three Attempts to Success
Pairings: JaeMin
Rating: NC-17
Length: Onehot
Warning: UNBETA!! and UNREVISE coz im still too lazy. *slapself* and M-PREG my first one that is. >_< and slight bondage.
Summary: Pregnant Jaejoong was horny and his Changmin kept avoiding him to make matter worse. But Jaejoong had a plan to get into Changmin's pants.
AN: written as a gift for my dongsaeng, hhazellee 생일축하축하해, Lynnie-ah~

Changmin woke up to the feeling of warm wetness on his neck accompanied with soft caresses all over his torso.
kyute min!


Titles: Moments
Length: one-shot
Pairing: Minjae and Ninjae!YooSu
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, Fluff, light smut, slight angst, slight humor
Beta: yep! by the ever so lovely jaceni unnie~
Summary: At any given moment in our lives, there are certain things that could have happened but didn’t. The magic moments go unrecognized, and then suddenly, the hand of destiny changes everything.
-Paulo Coelho
A/N: This is a birthday fic for jessasaddiction with the prompt Moments. it’s late (duuhh…) but I dun currrr… better late than nevar, right? XP

Welcome to the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel
Yun Ommo!

Little Paper Cranes and a Fedora Hat

Title: Little Paper Cranes and a Fedora Hat
Pairings: Minjae
Rating: NC-17
Length: oneshot
Genre: Humor, Romance, Fluff, light smut, slight angst
Beta: the superfantastic jaceni unnie
Summary: A secret admirer leaves Changmin little paper cranes on top of a milk carton for nearly two weeks, and he's determined to find out who it is. Can he handle the truth?
A/N: This is basically a dump-it-al-in-here fic because I inserted as many ideas that had been haunting me but since im a very busy person (NOT) I just dump everything in here instead. Aren’t I niceeee? *disappeared inside Yunyun’s invisible cloak*

And of course, hope you enjoyy~

'Does he like me that much?' The thought of a guy liking him didn't bother him that much because he knew his manliness could turn anyone gay. He couldn't help being irresistible. It’s God's gift.
Yun Ommo!

Still In Love 1

Title: Still In Love
Pairings: Changmin x Jaejoong, implied one-sided Yunho x Jaejoong and Changmin x OFC
Rating: NC-17
Length: multiple shots yeah, im indecisive like that.
Beta: by the ever so lovely jaceni kamsahmnida unnie~!! 8D
Summary: Time passes, seasons change, but did their hearts still feel the same? Remaining unchanged by the time that flew by? Childish love blossom’s from the embers left behind into a fortifying love that lasts a lifetime... and that never died.

A/N: A sequel for Before You Go but can be read as a standalone i think... *cough* thus another fail smut from me. >////<

The sounds of laboured breathing and muffled whines filled the empty classroom, the sounds echoing through the empty hallway.