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Nothing is Forever...

Hi! Thanks to </a></font></b></a>lil_pinai, </a></font></b></a>rebelyon5anghel, </a></font></a></font></a></font></a>one_sour_cookie </span></span>for welcoming me yesterday! I'm back with a one-shot like I promised and it's angst Jaemin. I'm sorry if this story is crappy because this is my first time writing Jaemin and I haven't really liked this couple until last January, when I saw a picture from a perfect view that made them seem like they're kissing from the Rising Sun days even though I think they were actually just talking. Anyways, I'm still sick but it's alright! I'm strong enough to write a one-shot! Enjoy! Please comment something good but flames are fine as long as good points are added(try ignoring the spelling errors I've made)!

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