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looking for a fic !

Hi everyone !

I have been dying to re-read a fic lately, but I can't remember its name. Could anyone help me find it ?
It's about plushies that help Jae and Min find their childhood friend and love. I remember that one of them has been doing drugs, and Yunho was a psychatrist. Anyone knows this fic ? If so, please, send me the link to it, I would be sooo grateful !

Thanks in advance !

Fanfic search!

Hi !

I've been wondering and looking for this jaemin fanfic for a while now, but I can't seem to find it.

Here's what I remember from it (although it's not much, sorry! ><") :

- Jaejoong is some kind of pop star or idol?
- Changmin was assigned to Jaejoong as his bodyguard or something
- The safe house was compromised and Changmin had to bring Jaejoong to live in his apartment with his dog Mangdoongie
- Changmin's girlfriend comes home to find Changmin sleeping in bed with Jaejoong and may have broken up with him? (Can't really remember this part clearly)
- Jaejoong is shown to be good with a sniper gun because he was the best when he was in the army or something

And that's about all I remember...

I think this fanfic was finished but I may be wrong... I really hope someone can help me find this! I have been dying to read it again!

Thanks again in advance! I appreciate all the help I can get! :)
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Fic search!

Hello there,
I'm requesting your help to search for a fic I read long ago I don't seem to find it, I don't remember the name, I remember the story but it's hazy I want to read it again.
So the story was Changmin is a sportsman which game I don't remember and jaejoong is a business man and they somehow end up being roommates, at first they don't like each other but slowly they start falling for each other and all of sudden jaejoong leaves Changmin and then after some years they met each other again and Changmin pursues jaejoong but Jae refuses due to their appa, I also remember junsu as Jae's brother and Yunho junsu's bf, there was brief Changmin/kibum in the start if I'm not wrong and kyuhyun as a bad man.... Something like that I hope I haven't mixed two storylines together please help if u guys know this fic.....

Help me

I want to read a squele of jaemin fic name Beside.The authors are not same.Jae and yun are rival and jae love min but he stay as a bestfriend.Yunho and changmin are lover but jae hear that yun make a bet with his friend to make changmin his lover then break up.Then the squele is yunho erect after seeing jaemin make out.Can you send me link of this fic if you find it.


So first off, I really don't know if this is allowed on this comm so if it's not, dear Admins I apologize in advance and feel free to delete this entry.

Ok back to the fic search, so I was looking for some JaeMin fic recommendation these past few days and I noticed that the fic "Of Watermelon Lipgloss, Espionage, and a Pair of Sparkly Purple Heels" is always recommended a LOT. But unfortunately for me, the author already deleted her livejournal account ㅜㅜ
So I was wondering if any of you know how can I contact the author of the fic and if she ever allowed for her works to be distributed? Does anyone has a copy of it? ㅜㅜ I really really want to read it... Thank you so much in advance for whoever can help! ^^