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First let me start off by saying that I am new to the art of posting a plot bunny but this has been killing me for a while so I had to share it~

Secondly, I am asking now, please DO NOT adopt this plot bunny unless you will be dedicated to the plot and the finishing of the story.

OK here goes:

Yunho and Jaejoong are engaged. Nothing new I know, but bare with me. They are engaged and happy and excited and yadda yadda yadda, however, someone holds an unrequainted love for Yunho (you can choose who it it is, doesnt matter, can be of either gender, just make them every unlikeable.) and comes up with a plan to seperate them, again nothing new, but heres the tricky part: They (the evil person you pick and an accomplise) somehow get Jaejoong drunk or they drug him (again up to you) and put him together in a room with an also drunk or drugged Changmin, who is Yunho's brother. (has to be his brother) Changmin and Jaejoong have sex but does not remember in the morning, but Yunho walks in on them, after being dragged to the room by the "evil person" and finds Changmin and Jaejoong in bed naked.

Yunho break off the engagement and then Jaejoong is forced to marry Changmin instead, but they are banned from both of their family homes since they brought shame to both their families. They then move to (Where ever you want them to) but they soon find out that Jaejoon is pregnant, and it has to be Changmin's baby. Changmin then starts his own company, and being the genius he is makes it very succesful, to the point where it rivals his family's company.

Also you have to make the interaction between Changmin and Jaejoong awkward and distant in the beginning, but not overly so. They made a mistake, well they think they did, they both acknowledge it and do not blame eachother for it happening. THeir relationship before was friendly but thats it.

Yoosu keeps intouch with them.

Yunho marries the "evil person" but will not find out their true colors until its too late.

Yunho and Jaejoong will NOT get back together.

Changmin and Jaejoong slowly but surely fall in love, dont make it fast.

make it angsty but not overly so, with some humor and alot of romance and fluff.

make it a lengthy chaptered story too please!!!!

Hope that this Plot Bunny will appeal to someone and they make it into a beautiful story.