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_starcandy Secret Santa - The reveals!

Hello dearest members, that's it now, all the Secret Santa fics have been posted. A huge thank you to all the participants for writing and requesting such awesome fics, and thank you to the readers and the commenters. I hope you enjoyed it all, I know I did ;)

Authors are now free to claim and post their fics wherever they feel fit. I encourage you all to re-post those fics here as well, mainly so I can archive them in the memories under your usernames, though it might be a while before I get as far as that oh god I am so behind. But Please wait a week or so before you post them here.

What to know who wrote what and for whom? Look under the cut.

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Some of the fics are members locked due to the rating, if you haven't joined the comm then you are missing out on some awesome fic so join now!
SNSD - Sooyoung [peace bitches]
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[MOD POST] The _starcandy 2012 Christmas challenge: Secret Santa!

Hello dear members, we [the mods] would like to present to you and invite you to join the _starcandy Secret Santa!

sign ups open = 6th october
sign ups close = 26th october
Sign ups closed
assignments sent = 28th october assignments sent
check in date = november 30th
dropout date (with no penalties) = november 30th
deadline = december 17th
posting starts = december 23rd

Want to take part? Click the cut.

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Hi dear members, if you please could you go have a look at the user info, the rules have been updated and changed a little. It would be good if you all could familiarize yourselves with the new ones. I have put them under this here cut for convenience, but you should all look at the user info anyway if only to see how awesome the profile page icon project is starting to look.

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Now, some of you might look at rule #5 and roll you eyes and think "this again, really?". Yes, this again, really. There are reason behind it, one of those reason is RTF format is evil and can screw up entire flists if the coding goes wrong...but mainly it's an aesthetic thing, changing the size and colour and font of your text throws off the whole look of the comm layout.

These rules are effective as of now, anything posted before this mod post will not be effected. (except for the plagiarism rule, that's always relevant)

TAGGING - continue to tag as normal, but eventually we will be getting rid of the author tags, if you meander over to the comms memories you will see why. I am in the process of putting all the fics into the memories to make it easier for you guys to find something you are looking for. If you know the author of a fic, in theory you can go to the memories and find it. Right now I am only half way thorugh 2007, bear with me, it's going to take a while.

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to let us know by dropping a comment in a mod post, in the suggestion post or pick a mod and PM them. We don't bite and are happy to help if we can.

ALSO, stay tunned for some exciting challenge news!!!!! yay!

[Mod Post] Volunteers Needed

Hello everyone, I am jyllchan, one of the co-mods here, nice to meet you all :)

The next step of our duty is cleaning up the entries with the right tagging as we all have hoped from some time ago. We all know too that the cleaning will use a lot of time considering this community have its first post on the year of 2006, which is already 6 years. So, we need help from members. Would you like to volunteer to be a temporary moderator? 

Leave your comment here if you would like to give us a helping hand and you think you have free time 1-2 hours per day or 7-10 hours per week, more would be better, we would gladly consider you as one of the volunteers. All the comments will be screened. And because we just need 2 or 3 volunteers, please do not be offended if you are not selected.
SNSD - Sooyoung [peace bitches]

[MOD POST] posting template

Here is a handy posting template for your fic headers when posting to _starcandy, it contains all the coding you need when posting a fic to this comm (and some others). All you have to do is copy the text in the box on this page and then paste it into the HTML posting option when you want to post a LJ entry.

Using it is just a suggestion, it's also fine if you don't.

SNSD - Sooyoung [peace bitches]

[Mod post] Suggestions, questions and comments

Hi dear members,

If you have a suggestion for the mods, or you have a question or any concerns, please feel free to comment with them here and we mods will do our best to help.

Or if you want to talk to a mod privately we can all be reached by private message through LJ.

We can't promise to implement every suggestion made but will give consideration to anything that should arise. We are looking for ways in which to make this community run better and make it a fun place to be, but with so many people it will be hard to keep everyone happy. We will try our best, though :)

All comments to this post will be screened and will be in the strictest confidence unless the commenter wishes otherwise.