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[JOIN] Soulfighters International Forum

hey there!

it's been a while since i've been here at lj and i observed that there are a lot of jaemin fans here ^^
i'm really happy that you guys are spreading the love of soulfighter here at lj.

so here i am introducing to you SOUFII! (shortened for SOULFIGHTERS INT'L)
the very first international forum dedicated to our lovely soulfighter couple!

the forum was born early this year so it has just been crawling to greatness. i hope you guys would join us and spread the one touch love! we are also open for a few more staff members (no minimum posts required) and of course, a whole lot of members to get the forum going!

thank you! and jaemin is <3!

Giselle - in the throng
  • hoyah

more pairing love


yunchun_ywh and jaechun_ywh

Click it. You know you wanna. ;D

Basically, the comms are for the pimping of two DBSK pairings: YunChun (YunHo and YooChun) and JaeChun (JaeJoong and YooChun).

More information is available at the comms, which those pictures will direct you to. ^-^ Please check it out.

(Also, if anyone has a related comm they'd like to affiliate, please leave a comment in the welcome post~)