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Welcome to the fanfic community for the Jaemin, Joongshim, Soulfighter couple from TVXQ


s t a r c a n d y ; bright like fire, sweet like rain.
Kim JaeJoong/Shim Changmin


#1 All fics and graphics must be Jaemin focused. Other Pairings and other Jaejoong and Changmin pairings are allowed as long as Jaemin is the main.

#2 Respect + Common Courtesy + Common Sense = the winning equation here. No bashing, no crushing critisicm, be nice and we'll all get along swimmingly.

#3 Members-lock your media posts. Including: pictures, files for download, graphics [icons too], and translations. No hotlinking outside of this community. Be courteous and reupload things to your own webspace or a free one if you wish to share any media presented here. Crediting would be highly appreciated, as a lot of the pics and files are from members' personal collections.

#4 All entries posted at the comm must be immediately accessible to all members for a period of 72 hours after they go up. After that the author is free to lock it if they wish. Please state in your post if the fic is due to be friends locked.

#5 Do not change the default text, size or color of your entry. Look here for how to post without changing the default text.

#6 Tag your entries to the comm: Look here for a how-to. Only use the 'completed' tag if the fic you are posting is chaptered and is actually complete.

#7 Members-lock any fic rated R - NC-17.

#8 Preview graphics and fic banners are allowed above a cut as long as the size does not exceed 350x350px.

#9 Do not take or repost any of the works of fiction, art, translations, or graphics posted in this community without the author, translator, or artist's permission.

#10 Requests for affiliation or advertising will be handled by one of the moderators. Pick a mod and PM them, or comment on the affiliates post.

#11 Credits to the original Korean or Japanese sources are most times impossible to track back to for older things, but if you know for certain where something came from, cite the source in your media posts.

#12 No Korean or Japanese Fanart will be posted here, unless you have express permission to do so by the artist.

#13 Members are free to post more than once a day, but if posting more than one chapter of the same story please combine those posts into one single entry.

#14 Please give appropriate warnings for mature and or sensitive content.

_starcandy now works on a three strike policy. If a mod has to warn you three times about breaking the rules then your posting privileges will be removed for one month. Anyone caught plagiarizing will be BANNED permanently.


The mods will not chase you up if you don't mention or do anything suggested here, but for the members' peace of mind you might choose to:

▶ Warn for who tops and bottoms.
▶ State if Jaejoong and Changmin will end up together at the end of the fic (only if they are also involved with other people during the course of the fic).
▶ Put the title of the fic in the subject line of the post (this helps when the fic is put into the memories of the comm, makes searching for fics easier).




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