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They say love can be experienced any time of the day, any place and most especially in very unexpected way. Changmin believed in this saying every second of his life. He is not sure if he is attracted with the opposite sex but he isn't much affected whenever girls try to steal his gaze. He is already 22 and his oldest brother, Junsu, will be marrying a very fine man,Yunho, who is an heir to the largest castle in Scotland made his life more exciting than he had ever imagined.

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Jaejoong has nowhere to go coz his old apartment has been demolished and he has only a dollar in his pocket. Yoochun, his cousin told him to see him in Gwangju where he knows someone who can give him a job and a house all in one.
Jaejoong knocked at the door and a cute gentleman in his skimpy shorts sporting his very long legs greeted him.
“Are you Yoochun’s friend? I will be your new land-lord and boss, Changmin. You looked tired. Please come in. I am starving too and I need someone to cook for me. Or else I will eat you instead”, Min played with his tongue and moistened his red lips while Jae is looking straight to his eyes.
This will be more exciting as I have thought”,Jae said in his thoughts while he checked out Min’s bum.


GENRE: Comedy/Fluff
Rating: PG-13
Changmin is now pacing back and forth while looking at his watch. It’s almost 4pm and he promised Yunho that he will be meeting him for a bowling but he is now in a dilemma. It’s been bothering him for the past months now: is he missing his Joongie so much that he wants to see him and watch the JYJ concert? He sighed and quickly puts on his fave shoes and heads out the house without even calling Yunnie.
While hiding from the group of fans with the JYJ flaglets, Changmin disguised himself as a reporter and puts on his fake press ID. He was quickly acknowledged by JYJ staff and even smiled looking at Min’s disguise. He saw Jae working out and he just smiled. It’s enough for him for now.

[FICLET] Ddukbokki vs Pizza and Chicken

[FICLET]Ddukbokki vs Pizza and Chicken
Pairing: JaeMin/MinSu/JaeSu/little YooSu

This fic is based on a tv show they made with a blind talented girl and they cooked dukboki for her. I hope you will love this. It's been nerve wracking to write nowadays because of some unavoidable circumstances but still I can't give up writing, haven't i?

For others information, ddukbokki is hot and spicy rice cakes.

For those who forgot about the vid, here it is: credits to those who uploaded it and to SBS. I made some major changes on it so please don't say that it shouldn't be the way coz it is MY FIC..If you don't like it, DONT READ IT..It is plain and simple.


My day started with a call from TV director of Chocolate show and he wants me to have a voice over for the upcoming show where we will be guesting. My boyfriend, Changmin, is so happy about it and even bought me ginger tea so that I won't stretch my voice too much. Yoochun and Junsu are both in their playful mode when I enter their gaming room.
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[FIC]Do You Know How to Properly Kiss?

TITLE:Do You Know How to Properly Kiss?
Pairing: Jaejoong/Changmin; Yoochun/Junsu
Genre; Romance/Comedy

Credit as tagged

Note: After watching Playful Kiss and Yoochun’s drama, I came up with this fic. Hope you all like it.

There are 200 fans lining up to get an exclusive glimpse in Yoochun’s live drama. Jaejoong, Changmin and Junsu are all cheering their band member.

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