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[FIC]Mother Knows Best


Jaejoong is whistling his way to Changmin's house when he saw Min's mom at the door. He was afraid he will be interrogated once again. Mrs. Shim loves to talk to Jaejoong about Changmin's new relationships. On the contrary, Jaejoong had promised to Changmin that he won't say anything to his mom and he has nothing to say about a girl his friend fancies. But can he tell about his feelings about his friend?

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Halloween Encounters

Title: Halloween Encounters
Pairing: JaeMin [Halloween]
Rating: R
Warnings: Fluff, Smut
Summary: A Halloween encounter between two lovers.
A/N: For jyllchan! Not so much fluff as smut, but I hope you don’t mind xD Also, no one kill me! I had an urge to write and I’ve been so bored so I did! I’m feeling better, I swear! LOL Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy, and please remember to tell me what you think ^^

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Word Count: 1,396

He was being teased.



Note: This is a mixture of a fairy tale and present romance so please do not be confused.

Yoochun is whistling while making his first puppet he wants to name Changmin. He asked his boyfriend,Junsu to get the best wood from the forest so that he could make his own masterpiece. He had tried paper and old clothes as a puppet but they were all easily worn out. Junsu and Yoochun have been in an unusual relationship ever since they got out of the orphanage and they wanted to start their own family but the one thing they lack is a child.

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Naughty or Nice

Title: Naughty or Nice
Pairing: JaeMin [Christmas]
Rating: R
Warnings: Cross-dressing, Spanking, Rough Sex, Slight Devious!Sub!Jae
Summary: It’s Christmas and Jaejoong gives Changmin his present for being “Nice” all year. Or is it “Naughty”?
A/N: For thegoodearth123! So I decided to do a kind of mixture of what you gave me, I hope you enjoy it ^^ as for everyone else, sorry I didn’t put this up yesterday, so you get 2 tonight ^^ I hope you guys enjoy lol I’ll try to update once a day until I’m through all of them so look out for them ^^ Also, some good news! Since the semester is coming to an end, I’ll have a bit more time off since my professors are pretty lax, I might, might be able to update sometime before December, maybe this month. Maybe. Don’t take my word or it though, it’s only a possibility at this point. But forget that now xD Onto the story~! I hope you guys enjoy, please remember to tell me what you thought ^^

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Word Count: 1,371

Jaejoong grinned, licking his lips again as he looked up at Changmin through lowered lashes.

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