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Title : Disorder
Pairing : Jaemin, Homin
Genre : angst (thriller/horror-like)
Rating : PG
Warnings : character’s death, violence
Summary : DBSK members and Yoochun’s and Junsu’s girlfriends are invited by their manager in his big isolated new house to celebrate their first concert in France, which has been very successful. Little did they expect that it would be the end of DBSK.
Author’s note : Inspired by the movie “You’re next”(2012). Sorry if the vocabulary is not always best chosen. It was hard for me to write in external focalization… If you want to point out mistakes, I would be grateful. Here is the first part. I hope you like it !



Title : Identity
Pairing : Jaemin ; slight Homin, slight Yoomin
Genre : Angst.
Summary : Jaejoong is in love with Changmin, but his mind can’t admit it and it drives him crazy. Literally.
Warning : Character’s death, rape, violence.
A/N : Hi everybody. I think there are not enough jaemin angst fictions lately, so I wrote one. It’s inspired by the movie “Identity” with John Cusack. I hope you like it.


Marry Me

Title: Marry Me
Pairing: Changmin/Jaejoong
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG
Idea: Prompt for 30 Days OTP Challenge on Tumblr
Warning: Un-beta'd
Summary: Patience is a virtue.

A/N: Sequel to "A Surprise Backfires". I suggest you read that one first before this. And I want to apologize that it took me more than a year to finish writing this.

"You know ... Jaejoong came up to me the other day all frustrated and disappointed, saying that you won't marry him."
Bias Killer is Different

Water From a Deep Spring 5

Title: Water From a Deep Spring
Pairing: JaeChun, JaeMin, slight Yoochun/OC
Rating: Nc-17
Genre: Historic, Romance, Drama
Length: Chaptered
Summary: Growing up within the brothels and backalleys of the royal city, Kim Jaejoong learned at a young age exactly how to make others submit to his will. However when he enters the palace he realizes that there are things that are even darker than he is--especially when he encounters the King's wildly cunning and wickedly dangerous stepbrother...

Previous Parts: I II III IV

"Goodnight, my Prince"

Prophecy | Pt. 2 Fate Denied

Title: Prophecy
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Pairing: JaeMin
Genre: Mystery, Romance, AU
Length: Chaptered
Summary: Fate has means of getting her way. For over eight years, Kim Jaejoong has been outrunning a prophecy. Long enough to start thinking that he might have escaped. Only to meet his fate on a crowded Tokyo street when he saves he life of pop idol Shim Changmin.

From the beginning: Pt. 1 Fate's Intervention |

Pt. 2 Fate Denied
In this chapter: Changmin is happy to meet Jaejoong. Jaejoong is... scared?

Prophecy | Pt. 1 Fate's Intervention

Title: Prophecy
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Pairing: JaeMin
Genre: Mystery, Romance, AU
Length: Chaptered
Summary: Fate has means of getting her way. For over eight years, Kim Jaejoong has been outrunning a prophecy. Long enough to start thinking that he might have escaped. Only to meet his fate on a crowded Tokyo street when he saves he life of pop idol Shim Changmin.

Pt. 1 Fate's Intervention
Xiah/Kim Junsu

Submissive Behaviors

Title: Submissive Behaviors
Pairing: Changmin/Jaejoong
Rating: PG-13 | Dominant and Submissive aspects
Summary: The confusion is too much and the frustration is killing him. Jaejoong wants to cry, he wants to scream, and he just wants it all to stop! And when his Psychologist reaches the end of his abilities to comfort Jaejoong, Doctor Park calls in a favor from someone he knows can help.
A/N: I honestly have no idea what this is. At first it was a one shot, than it could have been a twoshot, but then it could be the start of a chapter fic. Honestly, I have too much going on to start another one of those. So for now, this is a stand alone oneshot. /shrugs/ Maybe it's the start of a series, or maybe is just a random post. You know as much as I do.

( Good boy. )

I knew I loved you

Title: I knew I loved you
Author: Melodia <3
Pairing: JaeChun - JaeMin
Length: OS - Songfic
Rating: PG
Genre: shonen ai, romance, angsty ?
Author comment: also posted in jaechunwhycomunity and Inspirated by the song "I Knew I Loved You" Yoochun and Changmin sang in duet for the showcase Rising sun in 2005. This is how I see their relationship, just because I'm jaechun shipper but also love jaemin too much U_U

"Maybe it's intuition
But some things you just don't question
Like in your eyes
I see my future in an instant and there it goes
I think I've found my best friend
I know that it might sound more than
a little crazy but I believe"

The Calm Chapter 20

Title: The Calm
Author: JessaAndHerAddiction
Rating/s: PG13-R
Genre: Heavy Drama, Romance, Flashbacks, Angst, Sex tape.
Pairing: ChangMin and JaeJoong

"How can we survive if we're already ruined?"

It's one of those dark times where you don't know if you'll survive in the end. They're stuck in a trance, in a worlds of war between the press and the media. Their lives are affected, and their families and relatives are clouded with shame. For once, one thing from the past has haunted them because of a sex tape that was leaked and spread out like a wildfire.

Love between both men has no place or tolerance in their country. There is no escape and they must face it, together.


“Vaginas are overrated. I swear, they are so fucking overrated… I mean… What the hell right? You fuck then a girl gets pregnant, aiyoo~~~ I swear, someday… SOMEDAY! Mark my words, men will all be hermaprodiles---


“The term is hermaphrodite, idiot.”


Infect Me With Your Love [1/?]

Title: Infect Me With Your Love
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: JaeMin (JaejoongxChangmin)
Warnings: Smut within later chapters and some physical violence.
Summary: Jaejoong is an average citizen living within Seoul. He's gone through the phases of growing up and becoming part of the everyday community throughout life. After having spent three years with his high school friend, Jung Yunho, Jaejoong set his eyes on something more than just a friendship. Unfortunately he was rejected, and one young man won't allow it. He goes by the name of Shim Changmin, and he's had his eyes locked on Jaejoong since the lad's senior year in high school. He's become like a demon in the night, prowling around and waiting for the right moment to strike. After seeing him wandering about the streets on one snowy morning, Changmin does something that Jaejoong, the man who never even noticed him, won't forget.
A/N: Nothing really to say here...

It was such a hard decision. Should he? Or should he not?

The snow beneath Jaejoong's feet made a loud crunching sound with every step he took along the busy sidewalks of Seoul. He wore a simple, long black trench coat and a white scarf to help keep him somewhat protected from the frigid winter air. His hands were shoved into his pockets, his head low as he continued to wander around aimlessly.

It’s been four years since you’ve seen him. Just give him a damn call and at least check up on him.

Still Jaejoong had no intention to listen to his inner conscience. He didn’t have to waste his time as an attorney to worry over such petty matters that regarded his old friend. And besides, if Yunho had been a true friend as he so claimed to be, he would have called first once in a while instead of forcing Jaejoong to so. It was ridiculous. The bastard left everything up to Jaejoong. When there came to be a problem, Jaejoong was always the one to blame. Whenever something bad happened in his personal life, Jaejoong was the go-to person for comfort. The son of a bitch never once did anything in return.

Call him, Jaejoong. See what he’s been doing after all this time. You shouldn’t let the chance go to waste.

Collapse )

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