Tags: genre: horror

Sun and Stars


Title: Disfigure
Pairing: JaeMin, Past JaeChun
Rating: R
Genre: Mystery, Horror, Action
Length: Long Oneshot (6654 words)
Warning: Disturbing elements

Summary: When Kim Jaejoong's son is kidnapped, the professor finds himself in a race against time in order to save the boy's life. But when his search leads to a chilling discovery, Jaejoong wonders just how large of a force he is up against.

"In less than an hour Yoochun is either going to disfigure a poor woman's face or my son is going to die"
niel & joe

♊ (part 2)

Hard R/NC-17

Jaejoong/Changmin (main), Yunho/Changmin, Yoochun/Changmin, Yunho/Junsu (past)
1720 w. (this part)

Forensic psychologist Yunho Jung is called in by his ex-lover Detective Junsu Kim to talk to 17 year old Changmin Shim held in police custody for the murder of his classmate and best friend, Jaejoong Kim.

Part 1

I yanked Jaejoong’s head back, the whiff of apple-scented shampoo from his hair and neck, almost making me giddy.