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Innocence and Purity

I just joined and this is my first time posting here, so I hope I'm doing this right...I've got a JaeMin fic to share, well really, JaeMinSu, but it's all I've got for now. ^^;; I'm still experimenting with ALL the DBSK couples.

The JaeMinSu fic is a loosely-tied to sequel for another fic I wrote, so I'll post that as well in case you want to read it first. I know it's not JaeMin, but some people hate reading sequels unless they read the first part...

Title: Purity?
Pairing: JaeMinSu
Rating: NC-17
Notes: "Sequel" to Innocence, which is YunChun.

A Companion Fic to "Innocence?"


“Well Jaejoong-hyung, it seems like your knee is getting better quickly!” Junsu chirped as he slid into the backseat of the car beside the older boy.

Jaejoong nodded his agreement, smiling as the blonde boy bounced a little in his seat.

“So where to now?” he asked Changmin, peeking over the back of the driver’s seat. Glancing back, the younger boy couldn’t help but laugh at Junsu—sometimes he truly felt as if he were the older of them. “I mean, we haven’t been gone that long…” the blonde continued. “We can’t go back there yet.”

Jaejoong gave an involuntary shudder and shook his head, sending short raven locks flying everywhere. “I hate being in the apartment with those two when they’re horny…”

“I thought we were going to a hotel like we always do,” Changmin said, starting the car.

Behind him, Junsu made a face. “We always do that Minnie…can’t we go somewhere else or do something else for once?”

“There aren’t many places we can go to and…” Jaejoong said, trailing off at the end with a suggestive note in his voice. Leaning over he suckled lightly on Junsu’s earlobe.

The blonde giggled. “I guess you’re right, hyung…” He turned to face the older boy and pressed their lips together, making greedy suckling noises when Jaejoong slipped his tongue out to play.

But from the backseat, the two of them couldn’t see the smile on Changmin’s face and as they pulled out of the parking lot, they were too preoccupied with each other to notice that he wasn’t heading towards their usual hotel. For once, the youngest member was glad they always made him drive; now he could put his plan into action.

Within DBSK, everyone, including the members themselves always thought of Changmin as the innocent one. His baby face and sweet disposition only added to his young image, and so most times it was automatically assumed that he was pure and virginal. Which was completely wrong. True, he was more innocent than either Yunho or Yoochun, but that wasn’t saying much. And sometimes he did get a little shy with Junsu and Jaejoong, but by no means was he the virtuous, unspoiled little angel everyone believed him to be.

And that was why, when left to his own devices like this, he took the opportunity to do what he wanted. So, with a smirk, he veered their course in the opposite direction of the hotel and headed towards his own destination.


“Mmm…Jaejoong-hyung, I think we’re there…ahhh…mmm”

With a snicker, Junsu allowed Jaejoong to continue stroking his chest and suckling on his nipples. At the moment, he was shirtless and lying sprawled out across the backseat of the car, staring up at the bright blue sky out the window. He threaded his fingers through the older boy’s dark hair and tugged gently, trying to pry him off.

But Jaejoong wouldn’t budge. Both he and Changmin loved Junsu’s smooth, white skin, and when they got the change to latch onto it and lavish it with attention, it took a valiant effort to get them away.

The blonde heard the rumble of the car’s engine stop and heard Changmin get out of the car and walk around to his side, opening the door. With a grin, he knelt down on the ground outside and placed soft lips to Junsu’s forehead, moving his hands to join Jaejoong’s.

Humming in pleasure again, Junsu arched a little at the touch and let go of the Jaejoong’s head so he could reach up and pull Changmin’s lips to his.

After a brief, chaste kiss, the younger boy pulled away and tapped Jaejoong lightly on the head. “We’re here, hyung.”

Glancing up and looking slightly dazed, Jaejoong blinked a few times before offering the other two a grin. “Then let’s go…and quickly.”

Chuckling, Changmin stood up and moved aside, allowing the older boys to pile out of the car. Gleefully, Junsu sprang to the pavement, not even bothering to put his shirt back on; Jaejoong followed close behind him, already in the process of taking his shirt off. But what met the eyes of both boys made their mouths drop.

All they saw before them was…trees?

“Umm…Minnie? I think you made a mistake…this isn’t the hotel,” Junsu stated matter-of-factly. “Did you make a wrong turn?”

Changmin just grinned.

Jaejoong raised an eyebrow in response, getting an inkling of what was going on. “Care to share something with us?” he asked, the suggestive note from before returning to his voice.

“Well, if you’ll follow me I won’t have to tell you—I can show you,” the youngest member said.

“Uh…sure…but are you sure we’re in the--”

“Yes Junsu!”



“I hate hiking…”

“That makes eight times, Junsu, and believe me, we heard you the first seven!” Jaejoong snapped irritably. In truth, he too was getting slightly annoyed with their long trek through the words as well, but whining wasn’t really his style.

After their initial shock at finding themselves by the edge of the forest that grew on the opposite end of the city, Jaejoong and Junsu had agreed to follow Changmin and see what he had planned for them. Obviously, this wasn’t the hotel they normally went to to make love on days like this, and so they had found their interest piqued.

But now, after nearly 45 minutes of hiking through trees and dense undergrowth, the two older boys’ patience was beginning to wear thin.

Junsu’s lower lip began to tremble at the response from his hyung and he turned away slightly, getting ready to speed up so he could walk ahead and not have to have Jaejoong in his field of vision.

Immediately the older boy felt bad and slipped an arm around Junsu’s wait, pressing his lips to his ear. “I’m sorry…I promise that whenever we get to where we’re going, I’ll give you the best blow job you’ve ever had…”

Shooting a furtive glance at the dark-haired boy, Junsu asked, “Promise?”

“I swear it,” Jaejoong answered, right before Changmin announced, “We’re here!”

Glancing up from their conversation, the other two blinked in surprise, looking around them.

“Umm…exactly where is ‘here’?” Junsu asked, seeing nothing really special about their surroundings.

The three members of DBSK stood in a small clearing surrounded by tall oak and fir trees, their thick branches arching above their heads to create a canopy that dappled the forest floor with sunlight and shadows. Thick grass and large, soft ferns carpeted the ground beneath their feet and dense bushes intertwined with wildflowers lined the edges of the clearing. Through the trees to one side, they could just barely glimpse the expanse of a small valley, carpeted with flowers and ivy and stretching down to a small river at its bottom. It was all very pretty and extremely peaceful, but…

“Why are we here?” Junsu asked again, when he got no answer to his first question.

Turning to face them for the first time in nearly and hour, Changmin grinned again. “I figured we needed a change from the hotel!”

“But…couldn’t we have maybe just kicked Yunho and Yoochun out of the house for a day instead?” the blonde asked in return.

Changmin slid in closer, wrapping his arms around the smaller boy’s slender body and pressing their foreheads together. “Yes…but then you wouldn’t be able to scream as loud…” Slowly he ground his hips forward, creating a delicious friction between their bodies that drew a quiet moan from the blonde.

Jaejoong slid in closer, nuzzling against Changmin from the side until the younger boy unhooked one arm from Junsu’s body to pull him into the hug. “Out here, we can scream as loud as we want.”

Jaejoong looked up at him from beneath long, lowered lashes. “Does that mean we also get to be as rough as we want?”

Junsu’s intake of breath spoke for all of them.

“Yes…” Changmin let out a moan as Junsu bucked into him, the bulge in his pants already semi-hard. “Do you see now why I brought us out here?”

“I think it was a wonderful idea,” Jaejoong replied, leaning in to suck on Changmin’s earlobe and whisper in his ear. The younger boy replied with a groan and drew all three of them down onto the forest floor. Jaejoong snickered when he caught Junsu looking his way.

“Fine then, don’t share!” Junsu pouted. “But you still owe me my blow job.”

Jaejoong laughing outright at that and Changmin raised an eyebrow. The blonde leaned back on his elbows and pushed his hips up suggestively, the tell-tale bulge in the front drawing the other boys’ eyes immediately.

Jaejoong dove forward a moment later and quickly began undoing the younger boy’s jeans. Changmin watched in amusement, slipping slowly out of his own shirt as Jaejoong tugged Junsu’s jeans off his slender hips and threw them carelessly to the side. The older boy then leaned down and kissed the blonde’s boxer-clad erection, blowing his hot breath on it in the process.

Whining, Junsu arched his back and reached his arms out to Changmin, a look of longing so pure and loving in his eyes that the younger boy went immediately to his side. He bent down and licked at Junsu’s lips, reveling in their taste and their softness. Junsu’s lips were his own personal fetish—from day one he had lavished all his love and attention on those two petal soft lips, drinking in their sweetness and coming back for more every time.

Humming happily, Junsu wrapped his arms around Changmin’s neck, slipping out his own tongue and lapping at Changmin’s. He tasted himself on the other boy’s tongue and moaned, feeling Jaejoong begin to tug on his boxers as he did so. The younger boy grew tired of simply licking at Junsu and crushed their lips together, pushing his tongue inside the blonde’s mouth now.

Jaejoong meanwhile had worked Junsu’s boxers down far enough so that his erection could be slipped out and his sac played with. Leaning in even farther, he took just the head of the blonde’s member into his mouth and tongued the slit, smiling around his mouthful at the howl he received in response.

“Junsu…” Changmin breathed in his ear. “You can be louder…I want to hear you scream…”

Another moan worked its way out of Junsu, louder than the first. Clutching at Changmin, he kissed every bare patch of skin he could find, leaving shining trails and pink marks wherever he went. Changmin sighed in pleasure above him, hands beginning to tug off the older boy’s shirt.

With Jaejoong working below and Changmin above, soon Junsu was completely naked, lying on the soft grass of the forest floor. He smirked up at Changmin and reached out, running one hand over the younger boy’s crotch and receiving a loud groan in response. Chuckles reached his ears from behind Changmin and he looked beyond the younger boy to see Jaejoong behind him, grinding their bodies against each other.

More moans followed from the youngest member as he found himself caught between the two older boys while they tortured and played with him. Junsu by this point had worked open Changmin’s jeans and was sucking on him through his boxers, soaking the thin fabric with his warm saliva.

Meanwhile, behind him, Jaejoong had one hand down the back of his pants and boxers, running slender fingers up and down his crack, barely brushing over his entrance and sending shudders through his entire body. Between the teasing caresses he was receiving from behind and the hot wetness he was feeling in the front, it was all Changmin could do to hold onto his sanity and not die from sensory overload.

But seconds later, that worry disappeared as Junsu pulled away, leaving his member feeling cold and neglected. A small whimper forced its way past his kiss-marked lips and Junsu grinned. “I need to pay attention to Jaejoong-hyung too Minnie!”

The younger boy gave a small pout as he watched the blonde move around and begin to yank at Jaejoong’s sweatpants. “We need to get these off, hyung…” he stated matter-of-factly. “You’re the only one with this many clothes still on.”

Laughing, Jaejoong pulled away from Changmin as well and leaned back on the grass, allowing the blonde to whip off his pants and boxers while Changmin took care of his shirt and his own pants. Soon there was a messy pile of clothing on one side of the clearing and a tangle of bare bodies on the other.

Changmin could feel the mixed sunlight and shadows on his back—the alternating warmth and coolness—as he bent over Jaejoong’s erection, licking at its tip delicately. The older boy moaned beneath him, twisting on the grass and reaching out to yank Junsu’s hips closer to his face so he could take the blonde’s length into his mouth.

Changmin took the head of Jaejoong’s erection in his mouth now, suckling on the tip and taking the older boy’s sac into his hand, massaging it deftly. Moments later, loud panting reached his ears and he glanced up to find Junsu straddling Jaejoong’s head, his erection buried deep in the older boy’s mouth.

Changmin groaned around his mouthful, feeling the tremors that ran through Jaejoong’s body at the sensation. Junsu was arching his back and thrusting his hips downward sharply, almost seeming to choke his hyung. Watching the sight, Changmin found his own member twitching and he slid one hand down to it and began stroking himself, sliding the rest of Jaejoong’s erection into his mouth as he did so.

Jaejoong howled around Junsu’s length as he felt the rest of his erection slide into Changmin’s hot mouth. Bucking his hips upwards, he felt his top brush the back of the younger boy’s throat and he knew that this was probably more than Changmin could take, but at this point he didn’t care. Junsu’s erection was leaking freely in his mouth and he felt his own precum being greedily licked up by Changmin’s talented tongue; he was past the point of no return now.

Realizing that the other two were probably reaching their limits by now as well, Changmin reluctantly took his hand off himself and brought his now slick hand back between Jaejoong’s legs. One long finger rimmed his entrance, sending shivers through the older boy, before slipping slowly inside, careful not to cause more pain than was necessary.

Moaning, Jaejoong moved his hands up to rest on Junsu’s hips, gripping tightly to the smooth skin as a new wave of pleasure swept over him. Clenching down around Changmin’s finger a little, he gave the younger boy the signal to go ahead and give him a second finger. Meanwhile, he moved one of his own hands around behind Junsu, shoving in three fingers roughly, wanting to hear him yell.

At the feel of Jaejoong’s dry fingers entering him, Junsu fell forward with his hands on either side of Jaejoong’s body, screaming at the top of his lungs. Sure he had made love with the other two countless times, but never had his entrance been abused like this.

Changmin looked up to find Junsu’s face right in front of his and he took his mouth away from Jaejoong’s weeping length so he could place butterfly kisses all over the blonde’s face. He kept both his fingers deep inside Jaejoong while he lapped away the few tears that slipped from beneath the older boy’s lashes, caressing his porcelain skin. Junsu tilted his head upwards, wanting to feel Changmin’s lips on his, and smiling when they tasted of Jaejoong.

Ever so carefully, Changmin slid a third finger into his hyung, beginning to move them around and stretch his hole out more. He continued to let Junsu suckle on his tongue, loving the way the other boy’s lips felt as they sucked away every last drop of Jaejoong’s essence.

Beneath the blonde, Jaejoong moved his three fingers for the first time since sticking them in, sliding them halfway out before pushing them all the way back in, looking for Junsu’s prostate. He felt Changmin’s own three fingers inside him, preparing him for the next part of their lovemaking. Arching his back a little as the walls of his passage were stroked by the younger boy’s talented fingers, he clamped his muscles around them once more, letting him know he was ready.

Feeling Jaejoong’s muscles contract, Changmin slid his fingers out and gently pulled away from Junsu. Sitting back on his heels, he looked down at the other two boys, love and lust shining in his chocolate colored eyes. Junsu sat up as well, wincing a little as Jaejoong’s fingers moved inside of him. He moved his hips a little against the older boy’s lips, trying to distract himself from the pain.

Shifting around, Changmin positioned himself at Jaejoong’s entrance, letting the tip of his head rest against the puckered ring of muscle while he waited to see if the other two were ready.

Junsu nodded at him and grimaced as Jaejoong kept searching for his pleasure spot.

With a groan Changmin sheathed himself in his hyung, knowing by now that it was better to enter all at once and get it over with than to draw it out. Below him Jaejoong’s back arched and the younger boy saw his abs contract as well. Hungrily he leaned down and covered them with kisses, loving the way the sculpted muscle moved beneath his lips.

A howl from Junsu and his head whipped up again, only to fine the blonde twisting and panting above Jaejoong. Obviously the older boy had found what he was looking for and was now exploiting his advantage mercilessly.

Smirking, Changmin changed his angle, searching for Jaejoong’s prostate now, knowing that all three of them were even closer now to their fulfillment. It was getting harder and harder for him to hold back while he searched for his hyung’s magic spot—soon the heat and the tightness would become too much for him.

Jaejoong suddenly screamed around a mouthful of Junsu’s erection, bucking beneath Changmin, his legs trembling. Junsu moaned, knowing the older boy’s pleasure spot had been found as well just by the way Jaejoong’s fingers were now working his own prostate. He looked up to find a sweaty Changmin pounding as fast as he could into Jaejoong, sweat dripping off his bent head and falling onto the older boy’s chest.

Heat and pleasure continued to build inside their bodies as they all moved together beneath the summer sun. Wild cries of pleasure and the sounds of sweaty flesh sliding on sweaty flesh filled the clearing and mingled with the sounds of nature. The outside world lay forgotten as the three boys neared their climaxes, bodies flushed and sweating.

Feeling Jaejoong’s fingers press harder on his prostate, Junsu lost it first, throwing his head back and letting out a long, guttural moan, releasing his load deep into Jaejoong’s mouth.

Changmin watched as the blonde came, and moments later a wave of heat washed over his body, exploding out of his member and into Jaejoong, some of it leaking back out to fall to the grass below. Screaming the youngest member bent over Jaejoong’s body, pulling their hips together as tightly as he could.

At the feel of both his lover’s come, Jaejoong began to moan and buck wildly beneath them. Hot, salty essences washed down his throat from Junsu and he sucked it down greedily even as Changmin’s own semen coated the walls of his passage and stroked his prostate with their warmth.

Seconds later he was letting go as well, the sounds of his own release muffled by Junsu’s twitching member. Even as he came, he felt a warm mouth close over his tip, catching his hot come and drinking it down as he was doing to Junsu’s.

Changmin hummed around Jaejoong’s erection as he swallowed all he could of the older boy’s come. What little he had missed, Junsu soon reached down to wipe up with his fingers, bringing them back to his mouth and licking them clean. The blonde then moved himself sideways off the older boy beneath him, collapsing onto the soft ground by his side.

After a few more half-hearted thrusts, Changmin pulled away and let his softening member slide slowly from Jaejoong; soon he too fell onto the grass, but on the other side of Jaejoong, looking over at Junsu with sated eyes.

For the next few minutes the clearing was quiet again, the only sounds now being those of the three boys’ breathing. Birds sang loudly around them and in the sudden relative quiet, they could hear the river below them singing to itself as it leaped and rushed down its bed.

“Good idea, Changminnie.” Junsu was the first to break the silence, grinning at the younger boy over Jaejoong’s chest as he did so.

Chuckling, Changmin reached out and began to toy with the nipple piercing on his hyung’s chest, watching as Jaejoong squirmed and murmured beneath him. “See, I told you I knew what I was doing.”

“Remind me to listen to you more often…” Junsu giggled as he slapped the younger boy’s hand away so he too could play with Jaejoong’s piercing.

The older boy rolled his eyes. “If I remember correctly, Junsu, you were the one whining the most about all this.”

Junsu pouted even as Changmin laughed again, leaning up so he could place a tender kiss on Jaejoong’s lips. “Come on,” he said reluctantly, getting slowly to his feet. “We’d better start to head home now, otherwise Yunho and Yoochun will start to wonder about us.”

“Do you think they know what we do when we leave?” Junsu asked, getting up as well and going over to their clothes.

Jaejoong shrugged as he sat up, pulling on his shirt when Junsu tossed it to him. “I don’t know. I think the real question is: do they know that we leave to give them privacy?”

“You think it would be obvious by now,” Changmin added, stepping into his jeans. “Afterall, some of our excuses have been pretty lame.”

Junsu giggled once more, tying his shoes and running slender fingers through his hair. “But they think we’re so innocent…”

Jaejoong snorted. “Maybe you and Changmin…I don’t they consider me innocent.”

All three finished putting their clothes on and followed Changmin as he headed back to the car. By the time they were finally seated inside of it, the sun was just beginning to touch the edge of the western horizon.

“I hope that trek wasn’t too hard on your knee, hyung,” Changmin said worriedly, looking back at the older boy in the rearview mirror.

Jaejoong shook his head. “It should be fine—the doctors told me today it was nearly healed.”

The younger boy nodded and pulled away, getting back onto the main road that would take them back to their apartment, and hopefully, a less horny Yunho and Yoochun.

And even as the three members of Dong Bang Shin Ki in the car sat there and wondered if the two at home knew what went on between them, the two at home were showering and questioning whether the three members that were gone knew what went on when they left.

In time their situations would probably be revealed to each other, but for now, it would make for an interesting life.


Title: Innocence?
Pairing: YunChun
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Posted for those who care to read...



Once again, it was my favorite time of the week. The time when the whole house was empty except for Yunho and I. The other three did this maybe once or twice in a 7-day period, all going out at once for some reason or another. It made me wonder…were they really the innocent little boys they pretended to be? Or did they somehow know what was going on between me and Yunho and choose to vacate the house to give us some private time? Either way, I got what I wanted so I guess it didn’t really matter all that much.

I was sprawled out on my stomach in front of our Christmas tree, trying to memorize lyrics to the songs we were going to be performing at a holiday show in a few weeks. Sometimes it took me a little longer that the others to memorize my part; not because I was stupid or anything, but because I had to have every little detail perfect. Every slight pitch change and every intonation in my words had to be just right, or I wasn’t satisfied.

It was warm in the house because we had turned the heat up in light of the recent weather changes. December was usually cold, afterall. And as such, I was in a sleepy state of half-napping, not quite focusing on my lyrics, but not quite dozing either. The small fire in the fireplace casting it’s heat on my legs and lower back didn’t help any. That’s why I didn’t hear him sneaking up behind me until his face pressed into the backs of my thighs and purred.

“Mmm…your legs are so warm Yoochun…”

Becoming slightly more cognizant, I turned and looked at him, grinning. “That’s cause you’re nuzzling them.”

He chuckled and buried his face in my legs again, moving up slowly until he was nuzzling my butt. It was my turn to laugh now and when he looked up I gave him a bemused look. “You’re so weird.”

He growled playfully at me. “Am not!”

“Are too!” I answered back childishly, rolling over so I was now on my back.

He growled again and pounced on me, his face hovering a mere inch over mine as his warm breath caressed my cheeks. Instantly, I felt a stirring in my pants and reached up to wrap my arms around his neck. He seemed to read my mind and instantly moved downwards, closing the space between out lips.

Warmth of a different kind blossomed on my lips, spreading across my face and continuing into the other parts of my body. My toes curled slightly and my fingers tingled as I felt him slip his tongue into my mouth. No matter how many times Yunho kissed me, it always sent delicious chills through my body.

I suckled on his tongue lightly, stroking my fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck, loving the way goosebumps rose under my hands at the touch. He swiped at the inside of my mouth one last time before pulling back and resting his forehead on mine. Once again his warm breath flowed over my cheeks and I closed my eyes, drinking in the feel of him and the smell of his body.

Moments later his soft lips returned, this time tracing paths over my cheekbones and jawbone and leaving damp trails where they had been. Reveling in the feel of his lips and tongue, I rubbed my hands up and down his back, tracing the hardened muscles there and feeling them flex and twitch as he moved. I lived for moments like these, simple ones where he was merely close to me and I was able to feel him with my own two hands. These were the times that I felt most alive, most like a part of him.

All of a sudden that warm breath of his tickled my ear. “Wanna go take a shower?”

I gasped as his speech tickled my sensitive ears, then groaned as he slid one large hand up under my sweater, grazing over a nipple before sliding back down to play with the waistband of my jeans. “Y-yeah,” I breathed back, nodding slightly. An evil little idea began to form in the back of my mind as he continued to stroke my skin, and I regained my composure somewhat, smirking up at him. “But only if it’s a hot one.”

He grinned back down at me, giving my nipple one last sharp tug. “I promise it’ll be steamy.” And without any further warning, he got to his feet, taking me with him as he went. I found myself scooped into his arms and carried down the halls like a princess in some cheesy fairytale, which didn’t make me too happy. But at the same time I was pleased to receive such affectionate attention from him; when he treated me like this and spoiled me, I found I couldn’t begrudge him anything.

He kicked open the bathroom door with one sock-covered foot and set me down as gently as possible on the toilet seat, shutting the door behind us with his foot once again. He tried to turn and start the water but I refused to move my arms from around his neck, yanking him back to me so our lips met once more. I felt the rumble of his laughter as our tongues meshed again and almost laughed myself. If only he knew what I was planning for him.

Finally I let him disentangle himself from my arms and get the shower ready. I stood up and stretched, a little startled when I suddenly found my sweater being yanked over my head. Yunho smirked at me as he threw the no-longer needed article of clothing onto the floor and kicked it aside. Snickering a little, I did the same to him, ridding him not only of his shirt, but his pants and socks as well.

By this point I was crouched on the floor and he was seated on the edge of the shower. I leaned forward and pressed my face into the obvious bulge between his legs and exhaled, loving the way his member twitched beneath my lips. A groan sounded from above me and he yanked me to my feet, crushing me to him as he ground his hips against mine.

Another few seconds ticked by and I found myself minus my jeans and socks as well. My underwear soon followed and I stood before my lover naked as the day I was born. Yunho smiled at this and pulled me into his arms once more, lavishing my lips with kisses and my skin with touches. Making a conscious effort not to succumb to his rule right then and there, I removed the last remaining piece of clothing between us, his underwear, and rubbed our naked erections together.

The shudder that ran though his body sent a lance of pleasure up my spine and I pushed him back into the tub, yanking the curtain shut behind us and turning on the spray. Water coursed over us almost instantly and steam began clogging the air around us.

I had ended up directly under the showerhead and as such was now drenched while he was only damp. My long hair clung to my head and shoulders, dark in its wetness, and I felt his eyes on me as he took in my wet body.

It didn’t take very long for him to reattach his body to mine and I nearly smirked into my kiss. Playing right into my hands.

Placing my hands on his chest, I squeezed and grabbed at his muscles obscenely, finally pushing him back a little more roughly than I had intended into the wall of the shower. A moan escaped his lips as his back met with the wall and I swallowed it with my mouth, stroking his tongue with my own.

The growing hardness between us let me know that I was on the right track and I leaned forward even further, pressing our lengths together once again. He began running his fingers up and down my sides, stroking the skin there lightly with the very tips of his fingers. I fought to retain control as my knees buckled a little; that was the only downside to having been lovers for so long…he knew my every weakness. The flipside was that I knew his as well.

Breaking our kiss, I stared into his eyes for a moment, liking the way they looked slightly vacant. Yunho looked back at me with orbs so dark they were almost black and I was reminded again of everything I loved about him. It had been his eyes that had attracted me to him in the first place, so every moment like this where I was able to simply stare into their depths sent chills up and down my body.

Eventually I managed to pull my gaze away as I slid to my knees on the wet tile, trailing kisses down his abdomen as I went. My hands gripped his hips as I pressed my face forward and nuzzled my nose into his pubic hair. His soft pants tickled my ears from above as I moved even lower, allowing my lips to just brush over the tip of his gleaming erection, wet with a mixture of water spray and salty pre-cum.

He ‘mmed’ deep in his throat and I felt the vibrations through his skin. Smiling I leaned in and suckled lightly on his tip, nearly purring at the taste of him. I felt the shudders that ran through his body as I began lapping at the underside of his erection and my smile grew into a full-blown smirk. This was so perfect, I didn’t even want to think about it for fear of jinxing it. Suckling a little harder, I propped myself up with one hand on the shower floor, swiping my fingers through the warm water covering it. I relaxed my throat muscles and took Yunho’s member as deep into my mouth as I could, my tongue sliding almost all the way to the base of his erection.

His howls of pleasure assaulted my ears from above and I raised my hand from the floor to his balls. Caressing them lightly, I waited a moment for the pleasure to overwhelm him, before sliding my fingers back even further to his virgin entrance. One finger slipped in quickly, before he could protest, and I paused, gauging his reaction.

Instantly his muscles contracted around my finger, trying to push it out. Firmly I applied more pressure, loving the harsh gasps that now reached my ears. Stealing a glance up at him, I found him staring down at me, mouth hanging open as his breath flowed in and out through parted lips.

“Y-Yoochun…what a-are you doing?”

Even as he was asking me this, I slipped in my second finger, causing his voice to tremble and waver as the added addition sent new shudders through his body. I merely hummed around his dripping erection, pulling back a little so I could lap all his essence from its tip.

He reached down shakily and put both hands on my head, trying to pull me away from my tasty treat. “Yoochun…ah!”

I stuck in my third finger, probably a little too fast, but I wasn’t r prepared to wait any longer. I pumped all three fingers in and out at a furious pace, feeling around for his magic spot even while he cringed and whimpered above me.

“It hurts, damn you…what do you think you’re—AHHH!”

I found it. Smirking around my mouthful, I hummed once more and stroked the little nub inside of him that sent darts of pleasure coursing through his veins. He cried out loudly, no doubt trying to decide whether the pain or the pleasure was more predominant. At least, that’s what was running through my head the first time we made love.

Murmuring, I pulled away from both his entrance and his member, standing up so I was eye-level with him once again. “It’s ok,” I whispered to him, pressing my lips to his ear. I breathed hotly into his, burying my nose in his hair and inhaling his scent deeply.

I felt him shift beneath me and when I looked down he had moved his legs closer together, as if trying to keep me out. “No,” he said flatly.

“Yunnie…” I crooned, slipping my tongue out to lap at his ear. My one hand slid down to his length again, playing with the teasingly and swirling his still leaking desire around the tip. I traced the contours of his ears, lapping up the warm water and replacing it with my own saliva. His body was trembling once again.

“N-no,” he said again, but this time I could tell his resolve was beginning to falter.

“Just this once,” I whispered finally, knowing this would be the straw that broke the camel’s back. “I want to be in you so bad…”

He moaned and threw his head back, allowing me to latch onto the milky skin of his neck and suckle on it hard. He moved once again beneath me and I felt his legs open up. Moving away from his member, I gripped both his thighs tightly and heaved them up off the wet tile.

Being careful to maintain my balance, I pressed him even harder against the wall as his legs wrapped around my waist. His entrance was now bared completely to me, and I could tell the thought bothered him as his face went redder and he buried his face in m shoulder, biting at it none too gently. I was probably going to seriously get it later, but this was wall worth it; every moment where it was me who was in control, me who was dominant, was worth a thousand merciless rounds of sex from Yunho.

I teased my erection lightly against his entrance, delighting in the quiver that rippled through his muscles at the touch. “Are you ready?”

He shook his head no, but I pushed in anyway, knowing from personal experience that it was better to get it over with now and not wait any longer. His voice was nearly a scream as I buried myself to the hilt, gasping almost as much as he was. The muscles in his legs trembled violently and I fought to hold the two of us up, water streaming down my back from the still running showerhead. He was so tight around me that my erection strained and throbbed inside of him as I fought to hold off the oncoming rush of my orgasm.

The seconds stretched into long minutes as the two of us stood under the shower spray, panting and trembling together. I could feel his muscles gradually relaxing, but decided to wait until he said he was ready; maybe it would sooth a little of his stinging pride.

Moments after I decided this, his dark head lifted and his gaze met mine. “Do it,” he rasped, voice hoarse from the stream and screaming. “Do it now.”

I nodded gladly and yanked out until only the head of my length remained in him. I could feel him tense up slightly, but one stroke on his dripping erection with my hand had him relaxed and ready again. I pushed back in gently, groaning aloud at the feel of his tight ring of muscles stroking my member. He panted in time with my groans, arching his back a little and tightening his grip around my shoulders.

I repeated my previous action a few more times before picking up the pace and beginning to really slam into him. His pants turned into yells and soon the sound of my own name was ringing loud in my ears. “Yunho…” I moaned back, delicious red-hot heat burning all over my body. If this was what it felt like to be inside someone, then hell if I was going to let this be the only time!

Suddenly the shouts of my name turned into one long, continuous moan and I felt his erection jump and spurt another stream of precum between our bodies. His head was thrown back and his eyes were closed as he finally began to rock back against me, hips moving in short quick pumps. I smirked to myself and changed my angle slightly, aiming to strike that same spot as many times as I could.

A few thrusts later and another scream later and I knew I had found the right place. I changed the pace once more and began pounding into him relentlessly, as fast as I could in the slick shower. He howled and bent his back even further, clinging to me and slamming himself down onto my member as much as he could from his position.

Sweat joined the water in running down my back and legs as I furiously began squeezing Yunho’s length in time with my thrusts. His body was flushed a deep red and his lips were parted, air flowing in and out of them in ragged breaths. These were the same signs of his oncoming orgasm as when I was on the bottom, so I yanked on his hips hard, pressing my erection tightly against his prostrate and rubbed my thumb over the slit on the tip of his member.

His half-lidded eyes snapped wide open a split second later and an explosion of warmth blossomed on my hand and abdomen. He called my name loudly, eyes locking with mine and in them I saw a deep emotion…something I had only ever seen once, when I had looked up at him as I came instead of keeping my eyes closed.

In his ebony eyes I saw mirrored the same love I felt for him, shining out from the depths of his gaze like a beacon on the coastline.

One final thrust and I spilled my essence, roaring his name like I always did, only louder and with more force. I coated the insides of his passage completely before feeling my one cum spurting back out onto the insides of my thighs. He shuddered in my arms and cried out again as his prostrate was stroked yet again by my fluid; his eyes fluttered as the overwhelming pleasure threatened to short circuit his senses.

The wave subsided an eternity later and my weakened legs shook and collapsed out from underneath us. We slid to the shower floor amidst splashes of lukewarm water and I wrapped my arms tightly around Yunho’s body, pulling him tightly to my chest. His arms mimicked my actions and I rested my head on his should, lapping lazily at the water running down his neck.

I felt the vibrations of his voice against my tongue and smiled happily. “Wow…”

“Now you know how I feel,” I told him playfully, nipping at the skin on his neck.

He laughed and slipped off my lap, sitting on the shower floor and reaching for a washcloth to wipe us off. I pouted at him and lunged for his stomach, licking off what little cum still remained, the rest of it having been washed off by the water. “Don’t waste that!”

He rolled his eyes and swiped the damp cloth across my own stomach, ignoring my howls of protest. “How are you going to lick your own stomach?” he growled, bringing the washcloth to my face. Gleefully I suckled on it, looking at him with loving eyes.

He merely shook his head and reached for the soap as well.

“We’d better hurry,” I said, finally realizing how long we had been in there. The water wasn’t that warm anymore, which meant we’d been in there for at lest a half an hour. “Changmin, Junsu, and Jaejoong will be home soon…they were only taking Joongie to the doctor for his knee checkup so it won’t take that long.”

At this is he gave a strange look before beginning to wash my front.

“What?” I asked, yanking the shampoo off the shelf and lathering it into his hair. “I don’t know about you, but it would be kind of awkward to have them come home and find us like this.”

He shook his head at me, moving the washcloth down to clean my legs. “You don’t think they know?”

“Well, I guess they do. I mean, after all, they do leave us alone once or twice a week, which is pretty considerate of them. It must get pretty hard to invent stupid reasons for going out week after week.” I paused, reflecting on what I had just said. “They’re so innocent, but I find it hard to believe that coincidentally they’re gone whenever we’re just getting horny enough to play with them still in the house!”

“Innocent?” he raised an eyebrow at me.

I giggled and nodded at him, rubbing shampoo all over his strong chest. “I doubt little Minnie even knows what to do with his thingy besides pee!”

The washcloth made a loud slapping sound as Yunho threw it down on the shower floor. “Yoochun, the only reason those three leave the house is so that we won’t have to hear their wild orgies all the time!”


And...umm...that's it. ><

Tags: author: m, genre: smut, genre: threesome, rating: nc17, with: junsu
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