chi_chun (chi_chun) wrote in _starcandy,

Christmas carols - drabble

Title: Christmas carols.
Author: chi_chun
Paring: Jaejoong+Changmin
Raiting: PG
Genre: Friendship.
Length: 145 words
Disclaimer: don't own the persons/name just the idea for this.
Summary: Jaejoong is a singer still he sings wrong
N/A: First time posting in this community *bows*
This happend for real last year between I and my brother ^_^
Enjoy! ~ fic under cut ~

Christmas carols. 

Jae was humming a Christmas carol while decorating the last things on the tree. 

”~Jingle balls, jingle balls~…..ouch!” he flinched and turned around to see Changmin, who had smacked him on the head. 

 “Why did you do that for?” Jae asked and rubbed the wound.

“Its bells not balls” Changmin answered.

“What is?” was Jae’s next question.

 "~Jingle bells jingle bells~ not balls~” Changmin sighted, he knew Jae was dumb but not THAT dumb. 

“The different is….?” Jae said looking confused.

Changmin faced palmed and took up a red glittering ball. “This is a ball and this…” taking up a gold bell. “Is a bell”

“So?” Jae said and turned back to decorate the tree while singing ~All I want for Christmas is you~.

 “Only you hyung only you” Changmin said and walked out the living room before Jae went back to singing "~Jingle balls jingle balls~."


Tags: author: c, rating: pg

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